They Don’t Raise Baller Wolves Like This Up North

92945045_display_imagethat’s what curtis brown looked like in college.

he looks like a fresh case of “fuck you every which way of stupid”.
i think i’d like a taste.

lowkey: another fine wolf from texas.
makes no damn sense.
i could do with a southern wolf tho.
i need a change of pace from the up north scene.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “They Don’t Raise Baller Wolves Like This Up North”

  1. Wow, he looks good. Just look at that hard face.

    I need a change too, at least for the summer anyway lol. May we can go down to Texas and go on a tour in search of fine men. We can crash at Jay’s house lol.

    1. You know what? If he was retarded I’d still still let him get it. He would be bad for a retarded dude. With him being slow, I’m sure getting the draws would be easy lol. It wouldn’t be no shame over here.

      He’s not slow tho, it’s just his face in that pic. Y’all know if he was kinda slow you would put up with him tho. Don’t front lol.

  2. he looks like a fresh case of “fuck you every which way of stupid”.
    no he doesn’t, he looks stale and dull .buck up yo

  3. He’s ok. S/N: I love to hear a wolf from the South talk. The southern accent just turns me on all sorts of ways! Lol

    1. LOL. I have a southern accent, but I’m not from the south. My father lived down there for years. Him, my half brother and I all talk the same lol. Yea, people find it sexy, but mostly women do though.

  4. He can put it down, and Im gonna fall in love. Dumb, Retarded whatever you wanna call it, this dude is cute and fine and got that Texas boy swag going on. I give him a 10.

  5. I have a weakness for Southern men; he could GET IT, every which way AND LOOSE! LOL let me stop but for real

  6. Just one of the reasons I watch Texas
    Longhorns Football!!!! Tarell Brown, Quentin Jammer, Aaron Ross, Michael Huff, Earl Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Kenny Vaccaro and Michael Griffin are former TexasLonghorns in the NFL worth taking a look at also!!!!

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