The Top 5 Vixens That Down Low Go After

before i get into this video,
i nearly didn’t post it.


ain’t no reason this shit is 12:51.
and he is EXTRAAAAAAA.
way too fucking extra.
he is trying to spread the message,
but tongue poppin’, “girl”, and doing all this bullshit.
we don’t give a fuck about your phone or your pants.
focus nigga.
he needs a cue card and adhd pill.

… but, he was on point with his assumptions.
i have also noticed some of the things he spoke about….


those who were turned off with the bullshit,
i’ll recap:

Big girls
Really Pretty girls
White girls

i’ve met a lot of them who go after snow bunnies.
big girls, imo, take hard dick and will probably fix you a meal so…
vixens with really hard jaws an masculine features always make me question
i’d also like to add overt talk about sex.
also look for extreme posting on social sites: pussy and ass.
to the point it becomes sickening and attention seeking.

feel free to add more.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Vixens That Down Low Go After”

  1. …………………………………….yea that vid was…..0__0 but i honestly never really noticed things like that i always looked at the emphasis a guy will put on pointing out which girl is sexy 24/7. or him talking about how much sex hes had with x amount of women in a week and what they did in detail. i dont have many straight friends but the ones i do have are the type that dont need to over-accentuate who they sleeping with to all they friends as proof that they like women. maybe things are becoming different and im just not seeing it for what it is. speaking of posting pussy i was on twitter on my friend page looking for one of my other friends and i see this cute dude. i just wanted to see his face up close i wasnt gonna message him or anything. so i click his pic and in the backround he has his whole wall filled with women. either naked or in skimpy ass two pieces. im like……you want everyone to know what you like huh? your that pressed…smh not to even mention his timeline had a whole lot of girls half naked and his other pics was of all kinds of pussy. any kind you can imagine it was there…i think my face kinda turned green looking at it………..

  2. the best friend if he spends all his time with one dude he has a man crush and can’t express it. str8 men bout money women and a good lime but taking out shirtless pics in the mirror with ya bestie.ummmmm

  3. My thing is…how does this affect you? Is this the reason you can’t find a man? Is this some kind of tactic to spot DL men to make a move on them? Is he warning women? What was the point of this? He, like a lot of gay men, is being a busy body.

    I see the videos of dudes fucking trannies, but I don’t ever see these same dudes taking trannies out in public with them on their arm so I don’t get where gay men’s jealousy of them stems from.

    Clearly, with all the BBW flicks out there there are men who are attracted to bigger women.

    Really pretty women usually come with gay pets, no DL man is going to date a woman with gay pets.

    If a black is dating a white woman I doubt he’ll ever go for black men anyway so you’d have to take this up with the snow foxes.

    There was no validity in this whatsoever to me.

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