The Story of The Vixen That A Fox Can Relate Too

Let me tell you a story.

Have you ever heard the story of the Vixen who moves to a new town.
She goes to a new school and all The Other Bitches treat her like an outcast.
Maybe because she is pretty and is a threat to everyone else?
Maybe because she can also be a raging bitch once someone tries to crosses her?
Maybe because she doesn’t play and people can sense that?
She finds herself alone and makes friends with mostly Wolves.
She has NO friends who are Vixens to learn with, grow with, or even talk too.
All she has are Wolves, who are pretty much trying to pipe her down.
She always has better luck with Wolves because they are easier to read.


That Vixen: Jamari Fox
The Wolves: Random straight people I meet or actual Wolves.
The Other Bitches: Hyenas and Jackals.


My actual story is really complex.
I know a lot of associates who I would rather stab a knife in my eye than hang out with.
I know a couple Foxes who are my close friends but, they live in other states now.
I know too many straight Wolves and Vixens who I’m tired of.
I am alone this go around and pretty much have to start over.
All I have are these straights, industry connects, and a ton of messy ass people.

So I could either mingle with straights, where I usually get along well.
Meet a few Discreet Straight Wolves and mentally turn them out.
My usual boring routine….
One that has left me not getting any pipe or even a good conversation.
On another side,
I could get out there more to try and meet some Foxes who aren’t mentally retarded.
Let them know I am not an idiot like they are.
Curve anyone who even thinks of bringing drama my way.
All while possibly make some good contacts along the way.

I am ready for an adventure.

Chapter 3

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “The Story of The Vixen That A Fox Can Relate Too”

  1. Jamari, I dont know why you dont stop playing and give us a book. You are a very gifted writer and your insight, observation about life in the Concrete Jungle is a story waiting to be told from a young perspective. You have so many directions that you could go with this, whether auto-biographical, a book of essays, or a work of fiction, at least think about it and share with the world your pain, joy, hope. Someone wants to hear this story, you are on your way to that 2million mark on this blog, and it only seems like yesterday you hit the Mill mark so someone is listening.

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