the mandingo warrior brothers claim they love gays and loved jussie smollett

james breeden for

that tongue is long and ignorant.
i bet you could feel that poking around in your large intestine.
so the jussie smollett story is headed to a trial near you.
every time i think this is over,
it comes back strong.
how many years has this been since the incident?
it doesn’t matter because it seems we’ll be hearing about this for life.
we have heard jussie’s side ad nauseum but the african mandingo wolves,
ola and abel osundairo,
are finally breaking their silence.
there is a lot of stuff that is being revealed in the trial that i didn’t even know.
the first stop is clearing his name and the accusations he (they) are homophobes.
ola claims he respects gays and is actually gay friendly because via “daily mail”…

The Nigerian brother who Jussie Smollett’s legal team claimed was homophobic and motivated to attack him on January 29, 2019, because he ‘hated who he was’ told his trial on Thursday how he respects the gay community, having worked as a bouncer at a gay club and walked around at Pride ‘handing out condoms and flexing’ while dressed as a Trojan warrior. 

Olabinjo Osundairo took the stand on Thursday afternoon at Smollett’s trial with the intention of ‘getting the truth out’, he said. He said he had made no arrangements or deals with the prosecution, and was testifying to  share what happened on January 29, 2019, a night the brothers described as being ‘colder than penguin feet’. 

He and his brother Abel – who Smollett’s team said he was having a sexual relationship with on Thursday – say they were hired by the actor to beat him up but not hurt him in a staged hate crime that Smollett wanted to go viral. They didn’t anticipate that police would become involved, and only ever wanted to help Smollett, their ‘friend’ who’d helped them with their careers and picked up the tab when they partied together.

Ola told the court that contrary to what Smollett’s team had suggested, he was never a violent homophobe and had worked at a gay club called Boystown where he respected the clientele. The jury was also shown a photo of Ola dressed up as a Trojan warrior at a Pride parade in 2015.  

When asked what he did that day, he said he spent the time ‘handing out condoms and flexing.’ 

mr. mandigo tongue above,
was asked about if he was beatin’ the brakes off jussie smollett privately:

Earlier, in a surprise line of questioning, defense attorney Shay Allen asked Ola’s brother Abel: ‘When did you and Jussie start dating?’ 

He then asked him if he remembered the time he and Smollett ‘masturbated in a bathhouse’ together. Abimbola replied: ‘We were never dating,’ and said that he just wanted to be friends with Smollett. 

Smollett’s attorney also asked Abimbola if he was using the sexual tension between the two men to help his acting career. Abimbola said that he wasn’t aware there was any sexual tension with Smollett. He later clarified on re-direct examination that he was not a homosexual and that Smollett had never initiated a sexual relationship between the two.

on what happened after the alleged attack:

After the attack, Abimbola and Olabinjio flew to Nigeria, in part to audition for the Nigerian version of Big Brother. They would Google the story to see if Smollett had gotten the reaction Abimbola said he craved. 

‘Jussie wanted it. He got what he wanted.’  

Attorney Dan Webb asked Abimbola during a re-direct examination Thursday, why he and his brother agreed to the attack. Abimbola said that he felt ‘indebted’ to Smollett because he had gotten Abimbola a stand-in role on Empire and felt it could further his acting career.

Instead, Abimbola said, he lost his agent and his acting career is effectively over.  On re-cross examination, Allen asked Abimbola who the audience was for the attack. 

Abimbola said: ‘According to Jussie, the media.

They also testified about how Jussie solicited them for the attack on January 25, asking them: ‘Can I trust you?’ 

‘He had this crazy idea of two MAGA Trump supporters attacking him,’ Olabinjio said. 

Olabinjio confirmed Smollett wanted them to yell that he was in ‘MAGA Country,’ referring to President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. He also wanted the brothers to purchase the red MAGA hats

The plan, according to Olabinjio, was that he would pour bleach on Smollett while putting a noose around his neck and Abimbola would punch him. They originally considered using gasoline but Smollett eventually deemed it too extreme

Olabinjio said that Jussie wanted Abimbola to throw the punch because he didn’t trust Olabinjio to hold back his punches. 

according to jussie’s defense tho via “national review“:

Smollett’s defense tried to paint Osundairo as an unreliable witness whose story has changed since he first spoke to authorities nearly three years ago. And they tried to cast him as homophobic, pointing out past comments that he had made on social media and in text messages, including using terms such as “fruity,” “gaylord,” and “sicko” to describe specific gay people. Smollett is openly gay.

ima be honest with you foxhole:

I don’t know WHAT to think about this anymore.

this is all so bizarre and confusing.
the brothers “didn’t think the police would get involved“?
why was jussie even hanging with them if they were alleged homophobes?

the story takes so many twists and turns it feels like i’m on a roller coaster.
i guess the truth is all of these folks involved suffered a major hit in their careers.
two won’t be working in hollywood again; the other only has his famous last name.
while other celebs won’t touch this with a ten foot pole,
at least auntie viv aka vivica a. fox is in full support of jussie:


i doubt we will ever the truth and at this point,
this shit is pretty much over for me.
i’d like jussie’s team to drop “b-boy blues” before this movie gets “unexpectedly” shelved.
i’ll keep the foxhole updated if anything good pops off.

lowkey: the brothers seem to have wanted fame for a long time now.
this is from a site called “binge now”…

x see their money team video here

they got it but not in how they wanted it.

read the rest of the daily mail article: here

quote taken from: national review

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “the mandingo warrior brothers claim they love gays and loved jussie smollett”

  1. I believe the brothers. Jussie tried to concoct this story to make himself seem like a pariah of a right wing hate tirade. Then instead of admitting his guilt he lies more to cover his tracks. If I were them I’d sue for defamation of character. Jussie is toxic. He literally made a fake story in hopes of coming off as a survivor of a hate crime and America’s new it boy. Hanging around Lee Daniels made him think he would pull it off. He wasn’t expecting the cops to really look into it. FYI those brothers are so sexy… damn lol

    1. ^ this is a really fucked up situation all around.
      if they are innocent,
      their lives are forever ruined.
      if jussie is innocent,
      folks won’t believe him and will still think he is guilty.

      there are no winners here.

      1. Even if they are telling the truth, they are not innocent. Innocent would mean that they had no part in this. They are not denying their involvement, just saying that it was a stunt. And their lives are over do to them not thinking about the consequences of being involved in a despicable act even if it wasn’t genuine. Everyone involved was stupid and ruined their own lives.

    2. jussies attorneys and jussie are sick if they’re trying to throw these men under the bus to save his ass

      U paid them to help u so you could get clout like a stunt queen and now u want to criminalize them and make them out to be homophobic bc it didn’t pan out

      S/n tell the dude with the tongue to Dm me!!!!!

  2. WOW. I have never met a Nigerian I trusted. Sorry but um they are known scammers! They are GOOOD at fronting and frankly there was enough time for them to work up a story with their lawyers for the jury. It seems plausible.

    As for Smollett- I think he made some bad choices.. As you said Jamari, If they were so toxic what was he doing in their presence? Why fuck around them? Something don’t make sense. I am sure there are more twists and turns coming in this case. May the best liar wins!

    1. Would it be ok if someone said all Black Americans are ghetto or uneducated? Definitely not, so you might wanna rein in your ignorant, harebrained statements.

  3. I believe the brothers story, but one thing I don’t believe is that Abel wanted to be his friend. I think Abel was only using that friendship with Jussie to further his acting career.

    And on the other hand, I think Jussie was thirsty and messy, and allowed himself to be led on by a straight boy, whom he thought he could turn out.

    Tale as old as time.

  4. I believe the brothers about the scheme, but I don’t think Abel was bring honest about hanging out with Jussie because he wanted to be his friend. I think Abel was just using his friendship with Jussie to further his career.

    On the other hand, Jussie was clearly thirsty and messy, and thought he could turn this straight boy out with his status. And I’ve been told Jussie is into some crazy stuff too.

  5. Jussie needs to delay releasing B-Boy Blues.

    If this was a stunt, I wonder what the end goal was supposed to be? It makes no sense to me at all. I just want to never speak of this again. I don’t want to think someone is that evil to fake a homophobic attack and I also don’t want to think we’d harm our own in a homophobic attack. I pretty much refuse to deal with this story.

    1. And that’s the take away from this case like what were you expecting would happen? More attention? accolades? like what was the desire beyond this and did he think that people wouldn’t circle back years later and call out his lies even if he got away with it?

      (Also I feel bad for B-Boy Blues I’m really excited to see it but I think this will not help the film progress)

  6. And he got his mama up in the courtroom hearing all that TMI! I mean, it’s one thing for your mama to know you ‘get down” … but she don’t need to know HOW

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t care? Justice was never won for Emmett Till and his accuser lived a long, healthy life. White people lie all the time and get away with it yet it seems to be black people with all this smoke for Jussie. I don’t care. Team Jussie.

    1. Not getting justice isn’t the same as using the justice system to falsely imprison black men . Jussie needs to go down the same way they go down, if they do

  8. Yeah I believe the brothers too, I’m not surprised that they went along with it cause honestly they don’t seem like the brightest bulbs in the pack, however I am (or was) surprised by JUSSIE’S lack of intelligence in this whole thing, why would u choose the darkest complected men to stage as Two WHITE men to attack you? And under the most unrealistic circumstances possible!? The whole thing sounded planned, and POORLY at that. To keep it real I just wanted to believe him because I liked him at that time, he seemed charming, down to earth and INTELLIGENT…clearly he isn’t, but honestly the whole damn world is different since this happened and I could care less at this point..

  9. The brothers are telling the truth although I suspect the one would have gone gay for pay or favors if Jesse had just left it at that.

    Jesse was making $100k per episode the last season of Empire or $1.6M for the season. Getting the attention of politicians and media was not worth it.

  10. When I first heard about this incident, I knew Jesse wasn’t forth coming. It’s sad this young man threw it all away for what. All of Jesse supporters looking like fools about right about now.

  11. Honestly I don’t care if Jussie set this up!
    I don’t care if he lied!
    It was wrong yes, bad things could have happened!
    But nobody died so there are bigger issues in the world to worry about!
    All these white people getting away with killing black men, black women, black children! Now they want to make an example out of him?
    When cops have set up black men by planting drugs on them and in their neighborhoods and brought them in jail for nothing for years?
    So no I don’t care! Not when Kyle can kill people and get let go!
    I’m tired of black people talking about fairness and justice and how it must apply to everyone when white people are using “Justice” to keep them in cages!
    I stand with Jussie!

    1. Its gonna get killed and it doesn’t even have anything to do with the movie. It really should come out at least with a disclaimer.

  12. Now Jussie saying he had a sexual relationship with one of the brothers. He just lying all around and this is not looking good for him at all. The story keep changing. At first you didn’t know them, then you did know them, then you worked with them only for them to attack you because you was gay, then you claim you had a jag session with one and now its a sexual relationship; which one is it?

  13. Something about both sides of this story doesn’t make sense. First why would y’all want to involve yourself in something that could come back to bite you in the ass and Jussie why would you do this and think it makes sense or would stick.The story started off bad when he said he was going out for Subway at 2am in cold cold cold cold COLD ass Chicago.

    (I wouldn’t be surprised about him dating one of the brothers, we know Jussie has a type especially considering he used to date a certain pornstar. We know that Kewchie likes them long, thick and black)

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