The Curious Case Study of Jussie Smollett

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.46.47 PMeveryone wants to know who jussie is smashin’.
“jamal” from empire for those who are confused.
well you can all stop wondering!
we have been smashing for quite some time.
he lives in my foxhole…

tumblr_m3nqs4Z59W1qinh2vo9_r1_250okay fine.
i’m jokin’.
people are asking questions tho.
they want to know:

what role he plays?
is he a wolf?
a fox?
who he hangs with?
is he like “jamal”?
is he this new “gay icon”?
who the heck is “jussie smollett”?

i’m actually glad a “jussie smollett” came into existence.
well “jamal lyon”.
ugh you get the point.
before we were use to seeing “the other kind of gay”.
the “stereotype”.
then the masculine baller wolves “came out”…
and were completely un-relatable in the black community.
so now that this character has been introduced to the world,
we are seeing what i am use to dealing with.
hell what i am.
“the discreet”.
in the middle between the polar opposites.

with this new found ideal does comes questions.
all on jussie’s expense.
people could “tell”.
others are still in denial.
vixens would still smash,
even tho they already know they may get “curved”.
hell they may not.
he is like the shiny new toy.
when jussie said he lives his life “privately”,
the floodgates for foolishness soon followed.
it has the straights absolutely curious.
i love when they can’t figure shit out.
hell he has been paired from ( x dustin ) and ( x dora ).
hell i heard ( x lee daniels ) at one point.
it comes with the territory.
when you don’t reveal a whole lot,
people will run to get a flash light and a shovel.

the witch hunt has begun.

lowkey: well the foxhole has jussie’s back.
we need to protect our own instead of sellin’ them out to the highest bidder.
sometimes lowest to some of these sell outs in this life.
yeah i said it.
sell outs.

tumblr_m63bo5duYa1rs1mn2o4_250…i love his interviews tho:

get into him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Curious Case Study of Jussie Smollett”

  1. I loved him in the Skinney, very good lil movie. Us “new gays” either confuse str8 people or like I’ve been told I haven’t met the right woman

  2. I can respect his privacy but his private parts were leaked on the web not too long ago and from what I can tell he has a nice D&A on him so my vote is #TeamHybrid and YASSSSSS for Hakeem!!!!

  3. Just let him be. It’s none of our business. That’s why more people don’t come out. Nobody ( most people) wants a circus in their life.

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