The Baller Wolf Who Is Prepared To Walk Away From The NBA

people do not understand that fear can be crippling.
it can turn you almost mental.
some think slap a few pills in the person and things will get better.
it isn’t that easy.
royce white from the houston rockets is willing to walk away from his nba dream.
all due to his condition.
he has an intense fear of flying.
everytime he misses a game,
the nba keeps fining him.
obviously he doesn’t give af anymore…

Houston Rockets rookie Royce White says he is prepared to walk away from the NBA.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez, White said he was going to meet with general manager Daryl Morey on Monday to discuss his situation with the team.

The Rockets have said they intend to fine White for every day he remains away from the team or does not attend sessions with a therapist arranged by the team. The Houston Chronicle has reported the Rockets have no plans to trade or release White.

On the situation with White, a Rockets spokesperson said the team stands by its previous statement, “We are committed to his long term success and we will continue to support him now and going forward.”

White, the 16th pick in June’s draft, has remained absent from the team in a dispute over how the Rockets are helping him confront his anxiety disorder.

White posted on Twitter Thursday: “I’m not PLANNING to quit, but if its between my HEALTH and BASKETBALL, health takes precedence.”

White, who has yet to play in a game, did not attend Monday’s game against Miami, Tuesday’s practice or Wednesday’s game against New Orleans. He earlier said on his Twitter account that the Rockets have been “inconsistent” in helping him.



that is really sad.
i hope he doesn’t have to leave his dream,
but your health always comes first.
these people,
whether it is a team owner or your boss,
will work you to death and then replace you with someone else with the quickness.
i learned that my health and happiness comes first.
if you can’t accept that and we can’t work out a compromise,
then bye.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Baller Wolf Who Is Prepared To Walk Away From The NBA”

  1. This is stupid, and not because he has a fear of flying. I understand everyone has fears and some are more serious than others, but that’s not the issue I have with this situation. My issue is, didn’t he know that he had to get on a plane when he entered the draft? I think so. How long did he think he could avoid flying? That’s a part of being in the NBA. They are home games and they are away games. The Rockets will waive him if this continues, trust me. They are going to do all they can first just so no one can say the organization didn’t try to help him. If that doesn’t work he’s gone. What he can do is finish college and get his degree. Athletes are so ready to leave college to play sports, but they fail to realize there is a life after sports, and they have no careers. SMH.

      1. Right. Eventually the Rockets are going to need his roster spot for someone who is willing to play. I don’t care what anyone says. This man should NOT have joined the draft until he was over his anxiety. He thought that the excitement of being drafted and playing in the NBA would help him forget his troubles, but it doesn’t work like that. The Rockets also aren’t willing to let him go yet because they don’t want someone to pick him up if they waive him. As I said before the organization will do all they can before they release him. They have renegotiated his contract in order to provide cars and RV’s for the road trips, and they have offered him a therapist too, and he’s not even attending the sessions. He has declined all of the offers. So now he has a fear of cars, RV’s and therapist? The Rockets need to fine this dude until his account runs dry, it’s no excuse. I’m not being insensitive as others have said, I just keep things real. Everybody who claims to be a victim is not always one. It’s real victims out there for people to be claiming to be victims and they are actually not. It’s not always something a person could have done to a prevent situation, but there is always something they could have done to fix it.

  2. I really feel for him. I work with people with different anxieties everyday, so I know first hand how hard it can be for someone to overcome them. However, if he’s willing to throw away his means of supporting himself he needs serious therapy. Quitting your job because you’re terrified of flying is not putting your health first.

  3. Health? Is this really a “health” issue or the fact that a grown man has refused to DEAL with his fears? A fear of FLYING is a “health” issue? So what about the paraolympians who have ONE leg and need to abstain from getting infections etc, and MAKE it to their practices? This man wants to eat his cake and have it, he either pays THE PRICE of becoming a famous baller or go get a job at the nearest Mcdonalds, talking about this bs of his “health” lol

    In other news:

    Take a pick

      1. You’d pick Will ..jk they both cool. jamari would u wantto feature their football team, they all pretty much look like them 2.. at least the ones in the group pic

  4. 1) The Rockets knew what they were getting themselves into.

    2) Don’t be quick to judge the team. He’s missed numerous practices and required appearances, and has been throwing the organization under the bus since he got drafted for “not doing more to help me”.

    3) He’s grown. Take that guaranteed money and get yo ass some help. In the meantime, he needs show up and act like the professional he’s expected to be.

    It is looking like they wasted a pick. They’d be smart to try to void his contract. They don’t really have to cut him, because they have plenty of players on the team that play the same positions.

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