Guess Who Allegedly Beat Up Dorian from BET’s College Hill?


November 16, 2012: learned that a few days ago, a BRUTAL fight broke out between Dorion and R&B singer Jeremih at the LA hot spot Supperclub.
According to the streets, Dorion had some kind of problem with Jeremih and asked him to CATCH A FADE outside. Bad move. Jeremih reportedly popped him in the face and then began stomping him out. And we’re told that once Dorion was on the ground . . . Jeremih’s people got in and gave Dorion some FOOT ACTION too.
According to our snitch, Dorion started BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE . . . and eventually Jeremih and his peep got tried and left him on the side of the road.
The below pics are the result of the BRUTAL BEATING that Dorion suffered. It’s not clear if Dorion plans on taking any LEGAL ACTION against Jeremih.


even tho it’s mto and they are usually full of shit.

lowkey: why does the picture say sammie and then the article says jeremih?

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15 thoughts on “Guess Who Allegedly Beat Up Dorian from BET’s College Hill?”

  1. I don’t know what’s going on (partly because MTO is SO horrible with getting the story right) but I did tweet Dorian this morning, telling him that I would pray for him and to get well. What ever the case, it went to far. Dude look like he was jumped. SMDH When does it gets that serious?

  2. Hostal Malure ol lisp having ass just posted something very disrespectful in reference to the incident. You don’t make fun of situations like this. How would he feel if his ass was beat and the pictures were floating everywhere? Talk about fag shit man…

      1. ‘WHO’ is the keyword. Hostal Malure is an aspiring blogger/youtube personality. He also a second rate queen from ATL, who is capable of typical fag behavior! This is not something to make fun of.

      2. For real. Be the MAIN one crying out ‘hate victim’. You reap what you sow bro hence why you gotta be careful of what you put out in the universe. He could have kept that fag mess to himself. And we wonder why straight men hate us SO much.

  3. This reminds me of LA complex tariq ass whooping all over. Dorian a mess bitch to me so from what i gather if that report is right lets do a fictional retelling, Dorian came up to Jeremiah and ask him to talk Jeremiah ignored his as like all DL wolfs do when they with the bois. Dorian Started flaring so home boi Jeremiah walked dorian’s ass outside to tell him get a grip. Obviously seeing his chance to give it to Jeremiah (who has been probably ignoring his calls) dorian would have proceeded to giving him hand signs and pushing the man jeremiah would have given him the str8 guy warnings but when he realise his bois were watch , Jeremiah went to town on dprian ass and you know how wolfs roll in packs so she got the fur stomp out of her . Messy

  4. Omfg, I shit u not i was just thinking about Dorian the other day. We went to Clark together and have the same friends but I hadn’t really heard too much about him well until now. Omg Dorian! WOOOOW MAN!

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