That Thing, That Thing, That Thii-iii-iii-iiiing

u19vrq52vcwsobc1pk5c-1i have been thinking about zen’s comment in the last entry.
zen is one of the foxhole’s loyal voices in the comment boxes.
you can read it ( x here ).
i understand where he is coming from.
i am not shy about admitting my struggles,
but i have started to notice something

everyone wants something in their life.
that one thing that will make us completely happy.
fulfilled even.
from the instagram attentionistos,
the celebrities we stan for,
our family members living with us,
strangers we encounter everyday,
and those people who love to hate us.
even the fox that is writing this.
*waves* hi…
EVERYONE has that thing they feel they are missing that will lead to happiness.
sometimes its a couple things that will connect to one thing.
its the struggle of life to be perfectly honest.

tumblr_nao6b67DG41th7uxpo1_r1_400so what do we do?
we wake up everyday to go to jobs we hate,
have a future stalker named “sallie mae”,
or fake careers and whole personas on social media…
…just to get that “thing”.
to add insult to injury,
we endure the torture of seeing people with what we want.
doesn’t it seem like everyone is getting “it”?
“why is it so easy for others to get “it”?”
“what’s wrong with me?”
these people don’t even deserve it half the time.
well it doesn’t have to be so bad.
no listen…
i believe we need to work towards our happiness.
our “thing”.
it ain’t easy,
but who said life was?
if everything came that easy,
we probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much.
once we get what we want,
after all that hard work and sacrifice,
it will feel like bustin’ a serious nut.
the one where your toes curl and it hurts as you bust a nut.

tumblr_inline_mgwqt3RUaE1rtvi5f…and as you already know,
nothing feels better than that.
so focus on trying to get that “thing” that will make you bust a good life nut.
the process of getting the nut,
the grindin’ and the many positions it takes,
is usually the exciting part.
we just want the pleasure now now now,
but if it came so easy,
you probably wouldn’t enjoy the happy ending.
…right or wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “That Thing, That Thing, That Thii-iii-iii-iiiing”

  1. We live a life that throws things at us and we just have to keep dodging them. Jumping over or crawling under hurdles keeps us on our toes. Unless one do leave this world things are going to happen regardless. We must keep pushing!

  2. Well I guess I am the only outlier here, but I just give zero fucks about being bisexual, never have never will, and I do not believe that sexuality is tied to adversity. This is my life and I love living it. I cannot control the urges, but I chose to act on them. Also, I believe that a person who is gay can live a happy life when their time is up. I would say that I have had a wonderful life so far and I am satisfied with where I am overall, but I’d be lying if I said that I have never experienced hard-ache and troubles in the past, but I am thankful for those experiences because they made me who I am today. God doesn’t punish anyone. We will pay for our sins on judgement day like everyone else. How are you being punished for being gay when they are a large amount of sins other people are committing everyday? No sin is bigger than the other, and if anyone believes otherwise they are brainwashed. What about the women who are sleeping with another woman’s husband? What about all the people who engage in premarital sex everyday? What about all the rebellious teens who did not honor their parents growing up? Some of those people have hardly experienced troubles, but they have sinned, and some of them even changed their lives for the better.

    I hate it when people experience that thing called life and act as if they are the only ones who have been stuck in unfortunate situation. People want life to be easy, it is not supposed to be. Some people just want to walk through life with no adversity, but it don’t work like that. We have life lessons to learn along the way and the shit we go through is a part of the plan. People are just weak, which results in them failing the test every single time. At the end of the day, this all boils down to self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and loving yourself. If these bad situations only happened to gay people I would be concerned, but they happen to everyone regardless of sexuality and what they have done in the past. Instead of being a victim and feeling sorry for yourselves, y’all need to get your minds right and try to have a more positive outlook on life and make the best out of all the platforms you are given that will help you build a better life.

  3. But what if you have been fighting an uphill battle since day one? How long does one have to endure before their happy ending appears? For some, they just want to experience being happy, maybe for once, or for a second time. The quest for happy is indeed rough, and for some it may be too much to keep enduring.

  4. The quest for happiness is over rated. Gay people are never goin to be happy because God is punishin us for being like this.

    I don’t blame the person who said tey are waiting to die because Im waitin to die. I hate being gay and there is no one who is the success story. All the people who came out are sell outs and machines for makin black men feminine for the agenda.

    Life sucks and death is welcomed. Hopefully I’ll be reincarnated into a girl to see what that life would be life.

    1. So much is wrong with your comment. I do not even want to take the time to address everything, but I will talk about you claiming that their is no success story of a person who is gay. You are waiting for a gay famous person to detail their happy life so you can have a better outlook on the lifestyle. Famous people make up less than 5 percent of the population. What about regular people? You honestly think they are not gay men who are happy and content with their lives? Think again. This is why I say that people need to stay off social media because they fall victim to the perception these people are putting out, but that is not the reality of most people. You all are NOT living their lives, and you cannot compare theirs to yours. Stop doing that shit. I don’t understand it how people continue to make that mistake. Everyone has their own life to live, and the outcome is not the same for everyone. Sitting around moping and feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help the case at all.

  5. Happiness does not come after struggle and strife. Happiness comes when you stop doing that thing you keep on doing and allow it to come. When you put the oars down and stop swimming up stream. When you wake up and appreciate the comfort of your bed and the warmth of your blanket instead of dreading going to that job you hate. It comes when you pour yourself into something you are passionate it about. It comes when you get off the social media crack that has you “comparing and despairing.” It comes when you turn off the television shows that are full of conflict and negativity that you have conditioned yourself into believing is entertainment. It comes by choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want. Focusing on what you don’t have will only keep you in a place of not having it. Happiness does not come by focusing on how unhappy you are right now and how it will possibly come at some nebulus point in time after jumping through rings of fire. Happiness is feeling good right now. It’s not when the love of your life gets here. It’s not when you’ve moved into the new house. It’s not when you get the better job. Torturing yourself with this thing called “reality” is not going to get you to where you want to be.

  6. i read that comment and closed my browser. I could NOT reply to it. I thought I was unhappy/depressed as shit….. O M G I am NOT alone. So many of us…

    1. ^no one is truly happy na.
      some handle life better than others,
      but we are all looking for something.
      everyone of us will spend our entire lives trying to achieve “it”.
      whatever “it” is…
      don’t ever thing your struggle is worse than someone else.

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