“that thing”

meghan markle said in the netflix documentary that she wasn’t looking.
she genuinely wasn’t looking to be in a relationship.
she was on a girl’s trip having fun and documenting it on her socials.
harry saw her and saw “that thing” that was attractive.

i have friends who told me they met their “ones” that way too.
they didn’t have to chase or coerce.
they let “that thing” take over and they were happy being single.
they randomly met these folks while living life and having fun.

the foxhole knows how desperate i was to find a wolf.
whether it was baller wolf or regula degulas.
people pleaser and “love me please!” was the energy i was giving out.
i was repelling or clinging to males that were awful.
after much crying,
and ultimately healing

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That Thing, That Thing, That Thii-iii-iii-iiiing

u19vrq52vcwsobc1pk5c-1i have been thinking about zen’s comment in the last entry.
zen is one of the foxhole’s loyal voices in the comment boxes.
you can read it ( x here ).
i understand where he is coming from.
i am not shy about admitting my struggles,
but i have started to notice something
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