We All Just Trying To Get Smashed By “Our Fantasies”

10155492_859473587397561_3404004787852095281_ni know i am and i won’t apologize for it.
so you know that entry i wrote ( x below )?

well i had a thought about it on my mind for a while.
i guess i’m glad that happened so i could release it.
so ever so often,
some “straight” attentionisto complains of all the male attention he gets.
he wants to have a moment and announce to the world:




…and so on and so forth.
well here is the issue with that.
some of these insta-attentionistos ain’t straight to begin with.
now not every wolf who takes off his shirt is for “us”,
but some of them can be.
some of the same ones barkin’ got questionable ass DMS.
others who are #mcm have a couple #mcm.
we are so use to the following
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f0xmail: Should I Smash All the Married/Taken Wolves At My Gym? Help!?


Jamari I totally understand that you are a busy dude and you might not be able to respond or post my fox mail. First, I want to say I think work wolf is bi, I think if you give him enough time he is going to blow your back out. I think you already know what your getting yourself into that is why you have so many emotions about him, and you can’t help your feelings. I’m with you on whatever decision you decide with him, but I say go for it with him just continue to go at his pace, and maybe you should pretend like their is a dude that’s trying to get at you and see his response. So, when I wrote you earlier this year on how to talk to a wolf in the gym, you gave me some really great advice. Well heres the thing there is so much eye candy in the gym I go too, but there is a couple dudes who I really want. So one dude that eye fucked me for nearly a year and a half started speaking to me 3 weeks ago. So last week we had a short conversation and then towards the middle of the convo he says my girl, I was pissed but played it cool. The reason I am writing you is because I like masculine men especially with muscles lol but one thing I am finding out is that the ones I have talked to in the gym are all married or have girlfriends. I am discrete myself so going to a gay club or getting on gay sites is not my thing, so the gym is the only place I can meet men. When these dudes say my wife or my girl it does something to me, because they eye fuck or flirt with me then mention their wife or girl. It sends me to an array of emotions, and I just put them in my acquaintance list, and the result is me being lonely and sexless. There is this other fine dude that is always staring at me but in my head I know he is probably married with kids. So do you think I should pursue these men even if their with somebody, because me having morals and a conscious is not getting me any sex or a warm body to lay next to?


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The Curious Case Study of Jussie Smollett

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 6.46.47 PMeveryone wants to know who jussie is smashin’.
“jamal” from empire for those who are confused.
well you can all stop wondering!
we have been smashing for quite some time.
he lives in my foxhole…
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Jussie Smollett Doesn’t Live In A Closet

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 6.47.59 PMgod i love jussie…
okay so jussie smollett,
aka jamal from empire,
wants you to know he owns a closet.
he just doesn’t live inside it and doesn’t need to explain whats in it.
well he appeared on ellen today to personally tell her,
and us,
something everyone has been whispering about
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So You Came Out The Closet. Now What?

CHIPPER-JONES-IS-BOREDjust like the title says.
“now what?”
so i was reading the comments from ( x yesterday’s entry ).
thank you everyone who shared something personal.
i have an opinion about all of this.
it may make some people upset
but at end of the day,
this is my opinion.
ready for it?
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I Call Him Daddy Because He Really Is A Daddy

Favim.com-15307“everyone has fuckin’ kids nowadays!”
i was just telling someone that the other day.
funny how in a yesterday’s comment box,
someone echoed the same sentiment.
back in the day,
like way back in the 30s or 40s,
it use to be adults getting married and settling down.
having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon.
now anyone with a fresh wardrobe and instagram account is a daddy.
…and not in the good sexual way as it should be!
it’s really common to mess with a DILF.
it don’t even matter the age of the wolf because times have certainly changed.
the “daddy” movement is getting younger and younger.
hell that DILF could be a hot 21 and not 41.
some dudes have 2 to 7 kids before they even reach thirty.
he obviously knows his way around a hole and had a falling out with condoms.
i always wondered how that kid would feel knowing his dad is banging you out/getting banged out?
“call me daddy!” fantasy ruined… kinda?
i started to wonder…

Does it feel weird to mess with a DILF?

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