The Vine Attentionisto Tired of Ya’ll Fiendin’ For His Pipe

IMG_4214so i don’t know if the foxhole knows this attentionisto wolf.
i posted him before sometime ago.
he goes by “ferrarinardi” on vine.
i call him “big ‘rythang” because of…

…well lets hope he is “big” everywhere else.
well it seems the jackals been trying to harass him something heavy.
an f-bi sent something he posted on vine:

IMG_4213…and they took him up on his offer because he only got 1 revine.
Michael-Scott-Failing-to-Hold-In-Laughterwell he kinda alienated his real “fan base”.
what vixens are really talking about him?
he has his right to complain if he feels uncomfortable tho.
has anyone ever seen the comments some of these jackals leave?
i often wonder if they would say it in real life to these wolves.
from what i see with vine,
its real ratchet on that side of town.
there are some official sex videos over there.
not that i…
or anything.
maybe he was tired of the disrespect?
i’m sure that will come back to haunt him later in the future,
because the internet never forgets,
but i had to wonder…

Does a straight wolf have the right to complain without being labelled “homophobic”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The Vine Attentionisto Tired of Ya’ll Fiendin’ For His Pipe”

  1. I think there are two sides to the coin. First of all, he is obviously posting these pictures to get attention. Well he has gotten it. It may not be the type of attention he prefers, but if you want to put all of these pics up showing your body you have to take what comes with it. Stop being a crybaby. However, some of the gays can be so thirsty, trashy, and disrespectful. Hell, some of the stuff said to me by dudes online make me a little uncomfortable and I am gay!. For real, some of us need to just chill. I don’t think it’s homophobic neccessarily. This openness of the gay community is relatively new. Maybe one day straight men will be able to accept compliments from a gay man, but that day is not here yet for the most part so I say the gays just need to chill.

    1. ^i mean i have gotten ratchet about wolves I’ve posted,
      but I try to uplift and promote their careers in the process.
      im def not innocent,
      but I dont do “comment box” smut either.

      1. Well I think there are levels to it. When you post someone, you are just talking about them which all of us are free to do. Also, you usually include a disclaimer of some sort saying that they are straight. I think that’s a very respectful way to go about it. I think that’s different than in boxing these guys with all kinds of “smut” as you say, especially when they are claiming to be straight.

  2. Here we go down this road again, straight attention seeking wolf gets pissed when men comment on his pics or videos. Yes he has a right to be uncomfortable but at the same time I’m on vine and I know there are certain things you can do to pervent this. He can make his vine private where he can approve who views his videos and he can people from watching his vines. Yes people to take their comments too far and let me put yourself out there like that you have to take the good and the bad
    Let’s be honest there are many women who are going crazy over a hot guy on social media like that because in the straight world hot men come around all the time. They come and go like daylight , it must’ve been a real wake-up call to realize that only men were sharing his videos and give him the Views he so desperately wanted to get. Plus you going on vine for a while now and you just now decided to say something about this? get out of here with that.

    If you’re going to be out here on social media showing off your body you have to be able to accept the fact that anybody can see it and anybody is going to leave a comment. You don’t get to pick and choose who views your body in a affection way.

      1. But…okay, I usually don’t like saying this, but this guy is really unattractive, in general. he looks dusty. Literally nothing about him would work for me, especially with that attitude. The women can have whatever that is. the fact that he’s talking so much crap as if he’s actually attractive though…lol.

        Its always the grizzly beasts acting like they cute. Ew.

  3. I’m disappointed in Wild Man with his fine rough looking ass. On a serious note, there is nothing wrong with guys comment on his page, as long as they are respectful. The ban of guys in general was not necessary. However, I do have to admit that some of these dudes are far beyond out of control with their comments.

  4. as mikey kun said he can put his stuff private of allow who he wants to see his stufff .. besides their are obviously way more horny and thirsty guys on vine then women so ofc he gonna draw the wrong crowd .. btw the way he worded his stuff “that gay shit” makes him look homophobic .. foh with dat dumb shit .. he has a girl anyway they celebrated their anniversary couple days ago why he even posting those type of vids on vine … he is fxxkin homophobic cuh a girl left a comment and was like “oh as a lesbian im sad’ n then ol boy replied with “i dont got a problem with lesbians” ..

  5. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN I just posted a long ass comment on this Pineapple and had a system error so it is lost in cyber space. Anyway the short version, if you about that life, then delete your damn Vine and dont announce it to the world. So damn sick of these attention whores and their crybaby ways when their feelings are hurt. I used to cringe and get mad for them when I would see thirsty and ratchet comments on their pages and Texas Jay from the foxhole opened my eyes about these attention whores and now I could care less what any of these ratchet ass gay boys say to them, hell get your ass off social media and put on some damn clothes. This dude is attractive, although that Beard is a No for me, and his body is sick, but his mind is not as strong as his physical presence, if you are heterosexual and no who you are, block, delete or ignore, these dudes egos are fragile and usually the muscles cant hide the insecurities. Cry me a river-pineapple, its another fine ass dude in cyberspace ready to take your spot, you will not even be missed and besides its enough videos and pics for you live on in cyberspace for eternity.

  6. I don’t know him. I hate wild beards too.

    It’s a firm NO for me.

    He’s more than welcome to make his vine private but then he won’t get much attention at all. Him and guys similar to him would never survive that though.

    I wonder what he does for a living?

    No job with a salary would hire him looking all unkept like that.

    1. It was bad enough when FINE men were doing this “instagram career” thing, but now this busted looking reject is doing it and trying to make jabs at gay people? FOH he’s gross!

      I don’t get this one AT ALL! and usually if I dont think someone is attractive I wont mention it, but when he’s going to bash gay people, well I don’t feel as bad for calling someone out for being ugly.

      If he wants to disrespect, then he should prepare to be disrespected. I hate people like this. If you’re legitimately THAT attractive then I can see them being selective etc. (doesn’t make it right) but don’t be beat looking and try to act like everyone wants him.

      Some people should really know their place, and he’s NOT in the place to be selective, his ass should be grateful ANYONE wants to follow him because I don’t see any valid reasons.

  7. The disrespect from jackals? He disrespected himself first by putting himself out there as some sexual object. Now he wanna catch a case. He’s no better than the women on Instagram who show off their bodies only and then complain when men “are superficial” and “only want them for their bodies”. If you don’t respect yourself why should anyone else respect you? I had to stop laughing for a few seconds after reading that mess he wrote. lol pineapple please.

    1. This misogyny is amazing!

      If it was a woman she’d need to “carry herself better” and “a man can’t help himself”.

      But with them everyone else needs to chill lol

  8. Dahe is a damn ass. These MF don’t realize if the gays don’t like your ass, no woman will ever really check for your ass. As they say in the business – first its the GAYS, then the WOMEN, then the WORLD. He should feel appreciated that gays like his ass. THAT MACHO SHIT is so 90s. He is a damn fool as well. Can anyone post on VINE and don’t expect to be hit by men? Damn fool. Another frustrated DL sissy.

  9. You can complain but dont make it seem as a complaint. Address it so that it looks like more of a request. AKA be gentle. People should stop being so harsh. I would want to make sure I get my point across and people know I still want to keep them around.

  10. So glad that I’ve never heard of this thing up until today. And no, he is far from attractive. As somebody has previously stated, attention-whores don’t get to nitpick what TYPE of attention they attract. He clearly wants attention with his silly shirtless Vine videos & now he’s mad because it’s not the exact attention that HE wanted? Boy please! Attractive muscular narcissists are a DIME A DOZEN on social media and clearly you’ve missed out on the “attractive” pool so you fall short there so delete your vine as you said & bounce off social media! You will not be missed. This “Internet fame” ish is very warped & distorted. Don’t get it twisted you are still a NOBODY in real life.

  11. One of his homeboys or female friends must’ve saw his page, and now, he’s a little embarrassed. I doubt he didn’t know that men was hitting him up. A true, confident hetrosexual would have accepted the comment while saying he was straight, ignoring and deleting those disrespectful comments.

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