Ciara Does “Yes This Is Real” At Training Camp

screen-shot-2015-07-31-at-3-51-07-pmso i’m just going to say it.
im starting to think everyone is wrong.
that is ciara pushing little future at the seattle seahawks training camp.
and then this happened…

which has left me like:

tumblr_mjj6uxo8co1qaf90uo3_250now i have doubted certain pr “ship” schemes,
like the absolute disaster that is “omeeka”,
but this is just really adorable with “russ-ci”.
i guess everyone might be wrong?

lowkey: i will need everyone who is supporting this “ship” to go buy her album.
“jackie” is currently not on the billboard 200.

i need the ciara army to do something about this.
its bad when albums of “couple years past” are charting before jackie.


Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Ciara Does “Yes This Is Real” At Training Camp”

  1. I said it weeks ago that I believed it was a real relationship.I just didn’t see her let a random guy get close to her son.Congrats to Russell for signing a $88M contract with a $31M signing bonus.The album flopped but they are still together .

  2. Future is going to be pissed seeing these pictures. You’ll know what he said on The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago. One of the reasons why Ciara album is not doing good is she doesn’t have the perfect image like she use too getting pregnant out of wedlock. I mean many women do it but being in the public eye especially for black women they have to be perfect in a way to make it big in the music industry. Social media also doesn’t help back then you didn’t know about celebrities relationships which was a good thing what happened to the mystery of being a celebrity. I think Beyonce is great a being a mystery which people love.

  3. I still think it’s a PR stunt. That kiss looked great though. And Jackie isn’t a bad album. Black women do have to have a certain level of image to support the career but children out of wedlock doesn’t matter. Aretha Franklin had two kids before age 16. The first out of wedlock. I think Ciara just has disconnected somewhere. It’s difficult in a Yonce and Rhi Rhi, Swift world. Even Gaga has to revamp.

    1. Ciara lacks star power. Yes, she can dance and she has decent songs but there’s a disconnect. Her music lacks creativity or direction.

      She needs to change her whole team and work with coming up with her own unique sound like Janet did with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

    2. MAC, Aretha was in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEAGUE than Ciara. She could have had a DOZEN kids by the time she was 16 and the world would STILL love her, because her talent was OTHERWORLDLY and NOTHING could DENY it! Not even a STACK of kids out of wedlock! Ciara, on the other hand…well…let’s just say, not in the same league. 🙂

  4. I peeped that too about her album. You have certain women *no names* who released their album in 2013 and is STILL on the charts & Ciara just fell right off and her album was released not too long ago. She released the video for her recent song (DLWML) and it is sitting right at the very bottom of the Hot 100. It’s at #100 to be precise.

    I just don’t know what went wrong with CiCi. She had a grammy, platinum albums/singles etc. Her future seemed so promising in the beginning of her career (no pun). I remember when “1, 2 Step” came out, I was in the 3rd grade and ALL the girls wanted to perform that song in our school talent show. I don’t know where Ci fell off but it’s just weird now..

    She’s been taking a lot of L’s lately. Hopefully this guy is good for her. Future has some nerve to be mad at Russel around his son when he is nothing but a portable sperm donor, dropping seeds at every stop that lets him in.

    1. Her era is over. Ciara would have flourished in the Aaliyah era imo.

      The thing about Ciara is that everyone can do what she does. She’s not memorable anymore. I like Ciara too and she had her time, but I dont think she stayed on top of it. She had the good one or two albums at first but didnt really adapt to the changing times. Competition is really stiff out there.

      LOL about Future being a portable sperm donor. When you put it like that, you have a point lol. He’s mad at her for introducing their son to a new man, but how many times has Future introduced new women to his other kids? Quite a few times I’ll bet. If that’s the case, he really doesn’t deserve to be talking at all. He’s a clown for a father imo.

    2. Ciara got raunchy as hell….and that was her downfall. Every video seemed to display her “stripper moves” and it turned a lot of people off. How it worked for Beyonce, but not her I’ll never understand ’cause that chick just went into straight up hoodrat mode after her first CD! LOL

      The Jackie disc isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s one of the few albums of hers where I liked more than 2 songs. If she can keep it classy, instead of trashy, she might be able to turn it around. There’s a void right now for a talented artist, if she had the right team….she could fill that role. Beyonce & Rihanna are starting to go into downhill mode pretty much. LOL

  5. Ciara should be a good spouse to Russ, enjoy the lifestyle, raise her child in a stable home, manage Russ’s Foundation, do the charity work take a lot of pictures, plan all the gorgeous events, shut the F up and sing no more !

    1. Unfortunately SETI you are correct! I really don’t see Ciara coming back. She has the looks and the height for a steady modeling career. But I really think Ciara just wants to be a housewife. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. BTW…jealous ass Future is spitting fire when he sees these pic of Russ and his son. No man would stand for that shit, just saying. Expect him to say somedthing stupid very soon. In the mean time my personal feelings on this “relationship”. Is NADA, ZERO, DEAD. Ciara reminds me of Hally Berry, very pretty but have ISSUES that NO MAN WILL DEAL WITH. Pretty Dunce I call them. This relationship is on the clock as far as I am concerned. Tick, tock, tick, tock…….

  7. I hope Russ and Ciara are happy.
    I just hope their relationship – which I think to be real and authentic – can make it past the rants and ramblings of a hood booger baby daddy.
    If anybody can block a good thing, it’s a hood booger.
    Dudes like Future kill me w/ that.
    How can you complain about a DECENT man in your son’s life doing the shit you wouldn’t do even if you could…if you didn’t have like 5 other kids in different zip codes and random groupies to fuck to make even more….
    Let’s not act like you’ve ever been or will strive to be “co-parent” of the year…

    Best of luck Ciara. Godspeed Russ.

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