Like A Squirrel Looking To Store His Nuts

sexual-energy1ok can i be bold this sunday morning?
i mean we always bold here in the foxhole.
its nothing.
so i’ll be honest.
so i’m horny as hell this morning…
(this is NSFW,

i decided to stop masturbating for the next few days.
maybe a week.
i was going to do it this morning and start monday,
but i decided to chill out on it.
i been doing it way too much.
been watching porn way too much too.
imagining work wolf is pounding my brains out every time i do it.

tumblr_nsdxzunqS41si245xo2_250sidebar: every time i jack off,
i imagine him fucking me or some vixen.
is that bad?

anyway i noticed it has me feeling down and tired.
so this is my issue…
i heard not masturbating can lead to cancer.
you have to release your nut as much as you can.
so i had to wonder if not jackin’ off for a while is not good for you?
or should you jack off when the urge strikes?
i want to take a break,
but i don’t want to die for it.
its weird because when my sexual energy is high,
i get more done and i’m on top of the world.
i also feel like the sexiest fox alive.
so i had to ask…

Is not releasing your nut bad for you?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Like A Squirrel Looking To Store His Nuts”

  1. I will say this much…when you do get that “first nut” after abstaining for a while, that shyt will be intense and powerful. LOL

  2. Hmmm…Well I can only go so long unless my mind is occupied or I’m busy lol.

    Jamari I bet it is easy to get off if you are thinking about him lol.

  3. Masturbating too much can cause u to develop penile fracture. Masturbating compulsively is only terrible when it pours into other areas of your life such as u being late for work to bust a nut, not wanting sex and to jack off on your own, etc. There is no limit to how much or little you should masturbate.

  4. I tried this the last time and couldn’t do it soooooooo Good luck J.

    P.S. I will say my first but after not having one for days was EARTH Shattering. 😝

  5. I do it twice a day no lie.

    I think I have a slight porn addiction, but that’s what happens when you’re a recluse with a healthy sex drive.

    Haven’t really fantasized about anyone in a very long time though.

      1. ^i’ve always had a high sex drive even as a cub.
        it comes natural for me.
        jay is right tho…
        vitamins and omegas do help.
        plus you have to think about sex a lot.
        when you jack off,
        if you can do it a couple times right after…
        i’d say you are on your way.

    1. Thanks Jay and Jamari but are testosterone boosters safe and which kind would you’ll recommend. Right now I have to take a decongestant for allergies and I swear that kills my sex drive.

      1. I mean you can ask your doctor but most older men that lift weights use test boosters for performance.

        I have allergies too.

        If you’re worried just find a multivitamin with stuff that increases your sex drive. Optimen multivitamin is a good one. Had me climbing the walls and ready to DDT anyone that turned me on. Lol

    2. This. I can relate. Being a recluse makes you have more time alone with yourself & you can be in your head a lot so the thought of sex pops up every now & then. I’ve been holding out well though. Come this mid-August will be officially be one year since I’ve abstained from actual sex with another person. Masturbating does wonders lol

  6. Yes. It’s gonna find it’s way out somehow. I think saving up for a while to focus on other things is great. But when you need it, let it gooooo. Lol.

    Sidebar. I was horny af at work a few weeks ago and went in the handicapped stall ( more leg room) to get a good beat. I bussed. A great one too. I looked up and the maintenance lady was peeping into the stall! I think she got her voyeuristic rocks off courtesy of me. Lol.

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