Soooooooooooo Is This Derek J’s Real Boyfriend?

derekjderek j is now under spotlight for his wolf.
you remember this last alleged ( x one ).
i guess people are shocked he could pull some wolfie dimes.
well one of the f-bi sent me in a picture from a viewing party of ( x the new atlanta ) on bravo.
is it good?
i’m kinda over reality shows now.
well apparently everyone fine and masculine who stands next to him is smashin him to pieces.
is this the real derek j boyfriend?…

tumblr_m8gp3uDzie1rbvhreo1_500well is it?
my thoughts?
just like the last one:
“well done.
that’s a nice piece.”.

if not:
i would love it if he starts trollin’ the blogs with random fine wolves now.
take advantage of this free pr.

lowkey: i’m not even phased tho.
no one lookin’ for a wolf should be either.
i know my future wolf will be all i asked for and more.
i didn’t pop a molly so i ain’t sweatin’.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Soooooooooooo Is This Derek J’s Real Boyfriend?”

  1. I think he can pull plenty because most are looking to eat finger foods and hobnob with some Reality Stars and friends. He doesn’t seem like hes too much in the business because I would think he’d dress better for the occasion. He seems as through he may just be a friend of Derek J’s even a jumpoff but not a boyfriend. Not yet anyway. I would think Derek, having the mind of fashion, that he does would dress a boo/boyfriend a bit better for an occasion but this is just me speculating. “Would you like to go have drinks with me to a Bravo Red Carpet event where celebrities will be there to rub elbows with?” Is a very easy question to say yes to.

  2. Y’all have to do better. Who says that’s his man? That’s not an intimate pic IMO. It all looks innocent to me. Queens sit back and laugh when y’all act like this.

  3. Go head Derek J LMAO, you got your car detailed before the event and invited the trade who cleaned your car to a red carpet event thats really nice of you. S/N I hope that if they ever make Good Times the movie, he will be at least considered for a read for the lead of Florida Evans because their resemblance is uncanny, a few makeup tricks and a little fro and viola you have your Flo…

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