Sidney Star Proves She Has Balls

I do not know how I feel about this one.

Kat Stacks,
Young Platinum (yeah I went there),
Candy Deep Throat,
Jamari Fox (do I really want to be associated with these thirst buckets tho?)

and now…. Sidney Star?


I’m confused.
I’m scared.
But it is like a train wreck that I cannot turn away from.

giphyHow much you want to bet that men will STILL fuck her regardless of what she was born with?
Only problem with Sidney is that now that she has ran her mouth for free.99,
she will be regulated to typical tranny status.


When will they learn?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Sidney Star Proves She Has Balls”

  1. I don’t care what anyone says, she one of the realest looking trannies I’ve ever seen. People can hate on her all they want to but if she didn’t tell you she was born a boy (a very feminine looking boy at that) you would pass her on the street and would wouldn’t think twice. It helps a lot that shes pretty on top of looking real.

  2. *confuzzled* Why put that out there? Cuz I sure wouldn’t have known if Sidney didn’t blow up her own spot. She might’ve been able to do something (that video doesn’t give me a lot of hope), but now she’s just a gimmick; that tranny chick. Dudes will still smash, but on the low, cuz they don’t wanna be seen as gay…

    Sidney, you need some people — real friends

    1. See Sidney Star is a bird brain and I’ll tell you why…

      If I was Sidney, I would have kept my mouth shut and did ALOT of backstage scouting. Sidney is not an ugly he-she. Sidney looks dope and has a bangable body. Sidney just has stars in her eyes. She would have been a hit with the rappers and ballers – BUT she opened her mouth and went to cluckin.

      She is now WAY too commercial and not underground like she should be. Maybe Chingy will break her off more duckets…. when he gets them from whoever he is trickin’ off of.

  3. SIdney is cute besides those Ashanti sideburns. But the game played her. she lost. that video is ratchet. I give her props for trying tho. shes a cute girl i can see the potential.

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