Russell Westbrook Should Never Dance When He’s Bored

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besides killin’ the game with his fashion sense,
and being called “sasha fierce” by kevin durant ( x see here ),
russell westbrook also thinks he’s an exceptional dancer.
being on injury brings out the boredom in people?
judging from this recent instagram video of him being bored,
do you think so?

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.59.39 PM


he sure danced like he was bored,
but he looks like he is getting better ( x see here ).
i liked the socks russell!
direct me to source!

see more of russwest crazy videos: ( x here )

lowkey: so we really doing this leather in the summer time for 2013 huh?

5 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook Should Never Dance When He’s Bored

  1. He was aight. I’m so glad to see him moving around again. Hope he stays healthy.

    1. ^i completely forgot he got injured last season.
      that would explain the edited energy in that dancing.
      sorry russ!
      you dance was slow as you need to until you are healthy again!

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