How Does This Work? Am I On The Top? Or Bottom?


it seems like jesse from vh1’s hit the floor made his decision on last night’s episode.
i just caught it and my mouth flew the fuck open…




i guess some dudes will do something strange for a little bit of change.

lowkey: they are pushin’ the limits on this show.
the director is gay so you already know.
i am so glad they were renewed for another season.
i am hooked!
do you hear me?
the stripper girl
is the real star.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “How Does This Work? Am I On The Top? Or Bottom?”

  1. That shit was so funny lol.

    Kyle might not be the real star if she was killed off. I think she’s the one that was found floating in the water.

    1. ^so man lemee ask.
      would you do something strange,
      like trade in your wolf card for one night,
      just to get a pay off?

      …and it better NOT be stripper girl in that river.
      i think it was mia.

  2. I started watching today after all the rumblings on twitter last night. My first comment didn’t post, I had not quite gotten to the sex scene yet. I was let down a little. Wasn’t???? The whole do I look like a bottom to you scene was kinda sexy, but the actual act. Blah. I might stat watching this show. I’m sure stuff like this happens often. You never know. Susan Sarandon admitted to doing ho shit to get ahead. Who’s to say Brad Pitt didn’t as well? He stated off as an extra. Started at the To answer your question below, me personally I’d absolutely fuck for 4% of 100mil. Especially if the guy looks like this actor portraying the Bball player. He seems a bit zesty and extra with the eye movements, but hey if we use protection. Why not? Its just sex. I don’t enjoy sex that much for it to be that serious, I do however enjoy money 🙂

    1. I think that 4 percent of that 135 mil is about 5.5 million. That’s a lot of money. I would have wanted to fuck that white guy too. He’s sexy.

  3. I’d let a female basketball player eat my pussy for all that money. He bent over quickly for that pay off. I don’t blame him either.

  4. You know the world has changed when people are actually okay getting smutted out for money. Self respect has flew out the window smfh

  5. I’m surprised I actually like this show. Like shocked. I forgot to change the channel one day after LHHATL and I couldn’t stop watching. The Asha character is annoying to me. She’s a big baby. I hope she mans up.

  6. This is my show. Who do you think they killed off? I think it’s Raquel, she has no other place on the show, she doesn’t dance anymore. Iylena is my girl tho, I actually like her, she stay scheming.

  7. I love this show since the beginning. I can not even imagine who is in the river. And yes the stripper girl be caking all the men. Too bad she has a debt to pay off.

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