43377-You-Have-A-Decision-To-Makei did something last night.

one of which i don’t know was the right decision.
you ever agreed to something,
but a little after you really thought about it,
and you started to put two and two together,
you realized you may not be down for it after all?
well that is how i feel today.
hell shortly after i did what i did.
i got caught up in the moment,
and things were discussed,
but i still don’t feel completely satisfied.
i have to run some errands,
but i’ll be back to the foxhole later.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Regret-ish”

  1. I did too. I met up with some random dude after I told myself no hookups. I’m so mad at myself lol. I deleted all the gay hookup apps to avoid temptation. Random sex always makes me feel like sh*t after I’m done.

  2. You slapped Liar Lair…………….You fucked Work Wolf……………….both………………………***impaitently waits***

  3. Always go with your heart, because it is never confused or suffers from mixed emotions. As The Bible says: “Out of the abundance of the heart does the mouth speak.”

  4. With your mannish ass! Be good, or be good at it! two things:

    You had non-sexual relations with the curious cub, or you let your cousin move back in. Either way, no judgement, life’s a journey. You gotta take one road or another. At least you’re LIVING.

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