Raz B Opens Up The Gay List In His Chamber of Secrets

…. and it starts boys.

So last week we were told about B2k member releasing a tell-all entitled,This Boy’s Life, released through Corona Sky Productions.  Well now we have excerpts, Raz hold nothing back and outs some of your favorite R&B hip hop singers.

On B2K:

“There were no girls; there were no breaks, and absolutely NO meat. Our diet was so strict that I remember passing out during rehearsals because of our heavily restricted diet.” Thornton goes on to say, “More important than the food was girls. Girls were not allowed to even have our number. Chris(Stokes) would say that girls were a distraction, but in reality, it was just for his own sexual desires.”

 “Chris was gay- he tried his best to hide his sexual appetite from his family, but we knew. Chris would make us (members of B2k) go into rooms and have oral and sometimes anal sex. He often time would take pictures of us engaging in sex acts. To this day, I think he still has those images.”

“Me and Boog (Jarell Houston, known as J. Boog) resisted the most. Fizz and Omari (Omarion) however seemed a lot easier to take advantage of. I suspect it was because Fizz was so much younger and Omari was just gay.”

On Ray J:

 “Ray J was cool at first. I was under the impression that he wanted to help me. But just like with Whitney (Houston) he was just looking for someone to use. Ray J said that he was mad about how Chris did us and other artist, but Ray J just wanted airtime.” He went on to say, “Ray J made a diss song about Chris being gay, but that’s the kettle calling the pot black.”

On Bow Wow:

“Bow Wow was younger than all of us, but the record company figured his affiliation with us (B2k) would be great.  I didn’t see it for myself but I was told by Fizz that Bow Wow and he got involved with each other. I didn’t put a lot of stock in it then. It would be a few years until I realize that Fizz wasn’t lying. In 2005 Bow Wow and Omari became “inseparable”. It wasn’t until rumors forced Bow Wow to end the relationships. The gay talk was hurting Bow Wow’s business.”

On Breezy Wolf:

“They say you never know who knows who. Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online.  I have a friend that’s very close to Chris’ camp who told me that Chris was involved with an up and coming songwriter Andre Merritt. So when  Chris started going in calling people ‘gay’ and ‘fags’ I just dropped Andre Merritt’s name. I knew it was true when he decided to shut up.”

Side note: I love how he said Chris Brown attacked him, if memory serves me right, he started in on Chris. Discuss…




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16 thoughts on “Raz B Opens Up The Gay List In His Chamber of Secrets”

  1. Raz isn’t hurting anyone but himself cause at the end of the day he is making himself look more and more toxic, the rest of the dudes will still have a career cause at the end of the day no one cares…..and at the end of it all, when he is old and somewhere miserable he will only be able to look back and blame himself….for how fucked up his life and career is….

    I mean damn….he needs counseling, prayer and everything else…….this dude fucked up on the inside when you start trying to make your career off of making other people miserable.

  2. Wow… this “outing” game is getting rediculous, theyre all gay, if they wanna keep it on the low, they shouldve been with someone like me.. lol

  3. tajan :
    Its easy to believe when you have good looking boyz, but nobody is interested when you look like Biggie Smalls, Freeway, Rick Ross, or Craig Mack in the gay world..

    You just said a mouth full.

  4. Whew Lil Richard is somewhere in his thigh high boots and Pancake 51 makeup weeping at all this fuckery. This shit needs to be filed under “When The Checks Stop Coming”, I think that he may be exaggerating just a little or stretching the truth. Its easy to believe when you have good looking boyz, but nobody is interested when you look like Biggie Smalls, Freeway, Rick Ross, or Craig Mack in the gay world. Im gonna do a wait and see on this one. At any rate it may be time to “Call Papa Tooney cause we got a Looney” with this one.

      1. WOW really? It’s takes a bold man to admit that. Honesty is the best policy.

  5. I’ll wait for all the facts to come out before I really pass any judgment.

    But I will ask the readers of IJF to raise their hand if they were at all surprised.

    -looks around- No one?

    Yeah, me neither.

  6. If this is true, then Chris Stokes needs to serve some time for inflicting minors with that mess. I could care less if any of them are gay, though. I’ll just need a private meeting with J-Boog, Omarion, & CB. LOL

  7. CHILE this is a hot ass mess Raz B aint holding nothing back is he lol, and everyone he has mentioned in these excerpts have been suspect since day one all of them have had what appeared to be rumors floating around about them but everyone wants to turn a blind eye to it all but I cant wait for these responses cause if you have to speak on it and defend yourself that means you have something to hide because remember the truth needs no response

  8. I’m shocked about Brezzy though. I never got the vibe from him. He just seems crazy, and maybe a lil misunderstood. I did wonder about him when he bit Rihanna’s finger.

    I’ve always felt bad for J-Boog though, cuz in every story Raz claimed that J was the one who didn’t really want to do it. J probably was the one that was truly straight. He probably just did it to help his career.

  9. Oh Lawd…

    But these names have been floating around for years, so none of it is truly surprising; well maybe to the ‘straight’ community at large. In any case – let’s wait for the responses…if they pull a Raven or get irate, then…hit dogs holler *shrug*

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