He Got The Train Ran On Him Just For Those Christian Louboutin Sneakers

I hesitated on posting this story,
but I felt I should because all my readers (and lurker Baller Wolves and Foxes) need to read this.


One thing about this lifestyle is the constant need to look image ready.
In The Concrete Forest, everyone wants to live up to a certain image.


One place to go see this “swagg” in action is Soho and Times Square.
It is like a mini fashion show,
and if you do not keep up with The Jones,
you could as well consider yourself blacklisted.

The real secret is 90% of these Foxes, Wolves, Vixens, and Hybrids are BROKE.
They are spending money they do not have to impress people that don’t care about them.
The hot new thing is doing credit card scams to keep up appearances in the city.
Face it, half of them are all dressing and acting like “social media celebrities” to fit in.

So many people move to NY and then have to move out because they lost their focus in clubs and store dressing rooms.
So many Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids are in debt and couch hopping because of their “lifestyle“.
Their flashing lights need to be dimmed, but they get turned off due to lack of payment.
I know about 7 Foxes and Wolves who had to move back to their hometowns after dreams of coming here to be “something“.
So don’t let Twitter or Facebook fool you.
These FOOLS are living beyond their means.

Below, this story was interesting to me…

This is the shopaholic model who spends £1,000 a week on clothes – and says she cannot stop.
Star Thompson, 19, has filled four wardrobes at her home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, with clothes she has never worn.
The teenager hates wearing the same outfit twice – to the point that she will bin socks after wearing them just once.

Miss Thompson has a wardrobe stuffed with tops, leggings and shoes. She frequently buys underwear and has amassed more than 200 bras and 15 pairs of £250 Ugg boots.
‘A lot of the clothes I do buy, I buy because I like them although I know that I won’t ever wear them,’ she said.

‘I’ve got to the point where I haven’t got anywhere to put it all and I’m doing three loads of washing each day just to keep it all clean.’
Miss Thompson was given £6,000 on her birthday by her family, but she blew £4,000 in just hours, according to the Daily Star.
She waded through the rest of her family’s money in just days.
They have tried to confiscate her cash to stop her wasting it, but the clothes-obsessed young woman has gone as far as taking work as a high-class escort to pay for her addiction.
She added: ‘Sometimes I feel guilty because I could be saving or spending on something I actually need, but you only live once.’

Miss Thompson does not currently work as an escort, but admits she uses retail therapy to make herself feel better.
Compulsive shopping (known as a shopping addiction), is a psychiatric disorder like all other behavioral addictions.

Shopping addictions are socially reinforced, however, because consumerism is boosted by advertising, peer pressure and political encouragement to feed the economy.
It has become more common in recent years, but was recognized as far back as the early nineteenth century.
As with all addictions, shopping becomes the person’s main way of coping with stress, to the point where they continue to shop excessively even when it is clearly having a negative impact on other areas of their life.
Finances and relationships are damaged, yet the shopping addict feels unable to stop or even control their spending.

All those clothes and it looks like she cannot throw together a decent outfit?
Chick what??

But this story made me think about the popular real life reality show:

Keeping Up With The Fake Appearances

Why are so many people fly with nothing to show for it?
Some are sleeping on couches, but rocking the latest Jordans.
Others are starving, but stealing clothes to feed their starving image.
Is this what’s hot in the streets?
Are people just frontin’ for followers?
It seems the hotter you are on social media, the more “popular” you become.
Sadly, I know so many who are broke as hell and got secrets for DAYS on how they always looking fly.
You want to know some secrets?

Getting fucked senseless due to “escorting aka fucking for fashion” is the MAIN one.
Credit card scams,
or borrowing clothes from their low key paid friends/people they are dating

So I had to wonder:

Has Twitter and Facebook got people playing make believe?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “He Got The Train Ran On Him Just For Those Christian Louboutin Sneakers”

  1. Absolutely.

    Thing is, it IS important to dress attractively. It sets you apart from others and it boosts your overall image. But there’s a way to do that without spending thousands of dollars.

    Don’t buy a wardrobe. Buy pieces.
    Utilize thrift stores. They have some of the best shit.
    What was popular THEN will likely be popular AGAIN. So don’t be afraid of old shit.
    Stay away from trendy labels.
    If you absolutely have to have expensive designer pieces, be selective. The occasional shoe, watch, etc. is fine.

    Don’t get me started on the gays though. They’ll spend an entire paycheck while still bumming for rides, begging for food, and struggling to pay bills.

  2. Hell yea, I blame Twitter and Facebook for a lot things, that’s the main reason why I don’t participate in that mess.

    I tell this people all the time. I rather look busted with millions, than fresh and broke. I dress nice, but damn, I don’t spend all my money to look good.

  3. I don’t blame social media. I blame the people who indulge in this behavior for allowing social media to inspire them to live this way. I’ll be damned if I go broke trying to by a label whose owner probably does not give a damn about me, my people, or our environment and struggles. F them. I am not rich by any means, but I will spend money on what I like, if I feel like it, provided that I have the resources to do so. None of this takes precedence over my personal & financial responsibilities.

    Like Random said, buy pieces. I was just talking with someone about this the other day. People always think that I “have money” because of the way that I dress and how I maintain myself. Truth be told, I mix and match. I may wear a Gap shirt and designer pants, for example. I don’t dress to impress anyone. I will spend money on my shoes, though. My feet must be comfortable. I just don’t over do it. To hell with that “fake it to you make it” mentality.

  4. I swear living in NYC ive been wondering the same thing. Especially on Instagram. i see all the wolves and foxes on there with the most expensive shit. im talking rick owens, christian louboutin, celine and the list goes on. I always wonder like what kind of career do you have that you make this much money living in NYC. I even see one guy get called out for sleeping with a rich white guy for all the stuff he owns.

  5. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good. A simple black suit – tailored – doesn’t cost a lot & will last you if you treat it well. Like Random said, buy pieces. Go to the thrift stores (especially in higher-income areas); watch for sales; and go for quality. I’m not breaking my bank over a $400 designer t-shirt…and if you’re all about labels we wouldn’t work anyway.

    I would buy electronics and stuff like that over clothes, but even still I know how to budget & stay within my means. Just…priorities people! But when you don’t have worth in yourself, you put in outward things/appearances to give you validation.

  6. So many people self esteem is wrapped up in what they have on their backs instead of whats in their heads. I have been a slave to fashion at points in my life when I was younger and wanted to fit in, but then I realized that in the gay lifestyle if you are fine it does not matter what you wear. I have always been attracted to the sexy dude who didnt have a clue what was fashionable, it seem to make him more appealing. I see so many college football and b-ball players like this until they make it in the big leagues and have people whispering in their ear about how they should dress.

    A real close friend of mine lives in Hollywood and is trying to break into the business, and he tells me all the time about the facade of all the broke stars who are actually working, so I know the ones who are not working are struggling. Not to put nobody on blast but he told me how a very popular reality star ask another struggling actor to crash on their couch because all the money has ran out and they couldnt afford to pay rent and expenses anymore and is about to be homeless. I was in shock because I thought this person had parlayed their 15min. into something lucrative. Told me how the struggling actor is on a hit TV show but lives in some rundown hood apartments, but goes to car dealerships to test drives Bentleys. I guess Hollywood is really the land of make believe.

    1. LMAO@ test driving Bentleys. Stunts and shows.

      How your car gonna cost more than your house? I swear people are stuck in the 90’s.

      You right though, ain’t nothing sexier than a man who doesn’t really know how sexy he really is.

  7. My motto for quite some time now has been, “less is more”…I live by that everyday. Even when I am conjuring up a recipe in my head, that little voice yells, ” Reel it in Mofo”. To me the true testament is taking something that is inexpensive and making it look like it’s worth so much more. Think about it, as nice as it is to see a handsome dude in a tailored suit…i am a little partial to a sexy guy in a 2 dollar wife beater and some old jeans turned into cut off shorts toting an acoustic guitar.

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