He Got The Train Ran On Him Just For Those Christian Louboutin Sneakers

I hesitated on posting this story,
but I felt I should because all my readers (and lurker Baller Wolves and Foxes) need to read this.


One thing about this lifestyle is the constant need to look image ready.
In The Concrete Forest, everyone wants to live up to a certain image.


One place to go see this “swagg” in action is Soho and Times Square.
It is like a mini fashion show,
and if you do not keep up with The Jones,
you could as well consider yourself blacklisted.

The real secret is 90% of these Foxes, Wolves, Vixens, and Hybrids are BROKE.
They are spending money they do not have to impress people that don’t care about them.
The hot new thing is doing credit card scams to keep up appearances in the city.
Face it, half of them are all dressing and acting like “social media celebrities” to fit in.

So many people move to NY and then have to move out because they lost their focus in clubs and store dressing rooms.
So many Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids are in debt and couch hopping because of their “lifestyle“.
Their flashing lights need to be dimmed, but they get turned off due to lack of payment.
I know about 7 Foxes and Wolves who had to move back to their hometowns after dreams of coming here to be “something“.
So don’t let Twitter or Facebook fool you.
These FOOLS are living beyond their means.

Below, this story was interesting to me…

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