Rapper Wolf Makes Sex Tape With Video Vixen

everyone meet elke the stallion

she has a monster donk.
a rapper wolf decided to tape himself beatin her walls down
…and then put it on wshh.
it’s not just the hoes being messy

who is the rapper wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Rapper Wolf Makes Sex Tape With Video Vixen”

  1. Ewwww. She is busted in the face. What is it that men possibly see in women with abnormal looking figures and fake asses? Is this what they consider a coke bottle frame? This certainly is not it, but some men will fuck anything. As for the rappers identity, it could be anybody and possibly a nobody. Y’all know the ones I’m talking about, those rappers who we have never heard of. If it ain’t Jay, Kanye, or Lil Wayne no one cares. Whoever it is has a big stomach, so it’s neither of those three I named. The rapper is no one important.

  2. Really? Did she even moan? You didn’t “beat it up,” so why would you post this? I’m happy that you used a condom, though!

  3. The gay half of me says “what were they thinking!!” The camera quality horrible and bad angles everywhere. The str8 half of me says “DAMN!!” Look at that ass go lol even though it prolly got lore tire sealant that a 74 Chevy caprice

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