Performance Anxiety

prayfortheshameless.tumblrbefore i left for the day,
i got a notification that i had an email…


tomorrow morning is your yearly performance review.
it will be at 11am in my office.

thank you,

tumblr_muivukz8QE1shadn7o1_400well this is going to be interesting.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Performance Anxiety”

  1. Walk in with confidence and reassurance, you do your job and you do it well…Remember life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we respond…At the end of the day your work ethic speaks for yourself and can i say i admire your tenacity. You have the skills and grace to complete your work in the office setting while also managing a successful blog while still working on your own personal goals…You already have the skillset to be a boss…You’re going places don’t fret, don’t worry…Pray, give it to GOD and just relax for the rest of evening….Blessings

  2. Yeah, good luck and stay positive homie…did he/she actually sign off on a seemingly professional email w/ “boss”?

  3. Scary! I second what Malcolm says! You’ve got the tools you need to be there, or you wouldn’t be. If they’re looking for excuses to let you go, they would have used anything that would have shown up on the report already, which should mean you’re in the clear, or you wouldn’t be there.

    Hang in there buddy!

  4. A good response is almost always “Thank you” and nothing else whether the performance evaluation is good, bad or ugly. You can always respond further in writing.

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