Darren Sharper Could As Well Get His Tail Lubed and Ready

darren-sharperi still don’t understand it.
i seriously don’t.
how can darren sharper
this attractive ex baller wolf…
one who could probably get pussy by the pound
end up drugging and raping unsuspecting vixens?
it baffles me.
well he will have a long time to think about his crimes…

Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded no contest Monday to drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles as part of a broader plea deal in four states that will send him to federal prison for nine years.

635627191571790013-RSI-USA-NFL-SHARPERSharper, 39, acknowledged the crimes in Los Angeles Superior Court after pleading guilty by video link to sexual assault in Arizona.

Sharper wearing a striped, light blue suit, said he was entering the plea because it was in his best interest. He had faced up to 33 years in prison if convicted of all counts against him in California.

The former all-pro safety who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints admitted he had drugged and raped two women he met at a West Hollywood bar in 2013 and 2014.

The women were not in court, but prosecutors said they had agreed to the plea deal.

In the Arizona case, Sharper admitted sexually assaulting one woman and trying to attack another in suburban Phoenix in 2013.

Sharper appeared in a Phoenix courtroom by video-conferencing from Los Angeles, where he has been jailed since February 2014.

Under the deal negotiated by his lawyers and state and federal prosecutors, Sharper will serve a nine-year federal prison term for similar crimes in Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona and California.

Similar hearings will follow in Las Vegas on Tuesday and in New Orleans in the next month. In each state, he’s accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women when they were unconscious or otherwise unable to resist or consent.

He was sentenced immediately in the Arizona case, which is very unusual. Sentencing in California was scheduled July 15.

Sharper retired from the NFL in 2011 after a 14-year career with three teams and later worked as an analyst for the NFL network.

All the alleged sexual assaults happened after Sharper’s retirement as a player.

if i met him at the bar,
if he wasn’t a nasty pervert and balding,
┬ámy boxer briefs would have already been in the floor…

fiddythis just goes to show you never know what demons people have.
no matter how attractive the person is.
goodbye to everything darren worked for over the years.
his legacy is officially ruined.

lowkey: i remember when he was dating:

Gabrielle+Union+Darren+Sharper+Entertainment+BpUayIzF2Ydli know she must be glad she dodged that bullet.

article taken: espn

*photos credited to owners / nick ut, reuters

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “Darren Sharper Could As Well Get His Tail Lubed and Ready”

  1. WOW!!!! i keep telling people, male and female, beware of the handsome, powerful bachelors…some people have EVERYTHING but their sexual appetites are just to the point where they can’t be satisfied….ferocious where they have to have EVERYTHING in site…he’s a monster PREYING on women all over and thats what we know about who’s to say some of his other victims weren’t paid off or simply afraid to testify…smh…EVIL comes in all forms!!!!

  2. WTF happened to his hair? Stressed like shit. I used to like this dude, thought he was cool and handsome, but he is a sick twisted individual. He will be thrown under the prison.

  3. I don’t get it. He had everything. He didn’t have to rape them. Just smile and the panties(boxers) would have dropped.

  4. Proof that mental illness is REAL.

    Someone as attractive as he is drugging and raping women.


    I wonder how long he’s really been doing this though? Could it be the result of some brain injury from the NFL?

    We really need to spend more time studying these individuals instead of just locking them up and giving them free food, shelter and healthcare for years.

    That’s the problem. We’re not rehabilitating these people we’re locking up. Hell, we don’t even understand them. Then they’re back on the streets.

    1. ^you are right jay.

      jail is a vaca for some.
      some of these people get out jail,
      realize life is harder when you have a record,
      and do something heinous just to go back.
      why even worry when they can lay back,
      get fed,
      watch cable,
      and get head when they want?

      1. Some dudes love the routine of prison.

        They’re not wondering where they’re going to lay their heads or where their next meal is coming from.

        They know they’ll stay out of trouble.

        Shit I’ve met several dudes who have said the prison guards, male and female, will sneak them out so they can have sex with them at night. Some of the smoothest men with the best mouth game are in prison so its no surprise they seduce those prison guards.

        Read a story about this one inmate getting several female prison guards pregnant.

  5. Guess what though? Prison has always been big business!

    Someone is getting paid when these prisons are overflowing and they have to build even more prisons.

    There is no rehabilitation. No counseling available. They want these repeat offenders to get out and come back.

    We’re not studying these child molesters, rapists, and mentally ill people to preserve safety and prevent other people from going down the same path.

    Even people that have committed heinous crimes are on death row for DECADES. We are paying for that!

      1. Wow! This is a very sad commentary I don’t understand it neither jamari why these brothas are doing these types things when it seems that they don’t have to but all that glitters is not gold and this is why celebrity worship has to stop these same people have insecurities,mental issues etc just like anybody else but the only difference is their issues are heightened because of their social status what a shame.

  6. Sick and demented comes in all kinds of packages. Rape is a crime of power and control. He apparently got a sick/demented thrill from taking sex through the drugged rape that he didn’t/couldn’t get through consensual sex.

    He apparently had all the consensual sex and pussy that he wanted and as a TV football analyst, he made good money and he’s not bad on the eyes so he lived the life. Now he can live the prison life. What a waste.

  7. Sad situation. Crazy because Gabby is a rape victim as well. Raped when she worked at a Fayva. (Definitely grew up in the 90s if you talking bout a Fayva)

  8. Damn! What a waste! He will definitely have time to think about while he trying to keep them boys on the block off his booty!

  9. I LAUGHED my a$$ off when I read Jay’s comment: “Read a story about this one inmate getting several female prison guards pregnant.” Um, Jay, tell us, could he have gotten several MALE guards pregnant? LOL

    1. ^Raaco…Jay is right. If I remember correctly, dude was from Baltimore. He had a few of the female guards knocked up. They lost their jobs behind that mess…and on top of that I think he was having stuff (drugs and other contraband) smuggled into the prison for him BY GUARDS, male and female.

  10. Darren has started to fall apart and it is sad that someone of his status had to do something such as that. He will regret it once he enters prison, because that ass is going to be tore the hell up and his ass will be beaten to no end, I think he looks bad now just wait!

    1. True! They don’t like child molesters and rapists…but murderers are fine. Go figure! LMAO
      Sadly, I don’t feel bad for these guys who get themselves in positions like this. They practically have the world at their feet…and they want to go and do stupid shyt that risks their livelihood. This idiot drugs and rapes women, Aaron Hernandez kills his supposed good friend, Ray Rice beats his girl and it gets caught on tape…WTF?!! You brought this mess on yourself, and you have no one else to blame for your problems but yourself.

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