pastor troy thinks you gotta be gay to win a grammy

everyone always thinks the “big bad gays” are going to turn kids out.
not the violence on tv,
or even the extreme sexual content,
but the “big bad gays” are the new bogeyman.
it’s really interesting to me,
but its not surprising.

Straights love to contradict themselves

pastor troy,
a “where are they now?” in the rap game,
decided to come out from his under his rock with an opinion about lil nas x.
this is what heallegedly had to font on his ig before he deleted it…

he sounds like a hotep.
my only issue with lil nas x was the fact he is wearing the same outfit in various colors.
how many other straight rappers had grammy noms?
according to

22. Best Rap Performance
For a Rap performance. Singles or Tracks only.

    J. Cole
  • SUGE
    Dreamville Featuring J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy
    Nipsey Hussle Featuring Roddy Ricch & Hit-Boy
    Offset Featuring Cardi B

23. Best Rap/Sung Performance
For a solo or collaborative performance containing both elements of R&B melodies and Rap.

    DJ Khaled Featuring Nipsey Hussle & John Legend
    Lil Baby & Gunna
    Lil Nas X
    Mustard Featuring Roddy Ricch
    Young Thug Featuring J. Cole & Travis Scott

24. Best Rap Song
A Songwriter(s) Award. A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.

    Chancelor Bennett, Cordae Dunston, Uforo Ebong & Daniel Hackett, songwriters (YBN Cordae Featuring Chance The Rapper)
    Noel Cadastre, Aubrey Graham, Anderson Hernandez, Khristopher Riddick-Tynes, William Leonard Roberts II, Joshua Quinton Scruggs, Leon Thomas III & Ozan Yildirim, songwriters (Rick Ross Featuring Drake)
    Jermaine Cole, Dacoury Natche, 21 Savage & Anthony White, songwriters (21 Savage Featuring J. Cole)
    Ermias Asghedom, Dustin James Corbett, Greg Allen Davis, Chauncey Hollis, Jr. & Rodrick Moore, songwriters (Nipsey Hussle Featuring Roddy Ricch & Hit-Boy)
  • SUGE
    DaBaby, Jetsonmade & Pooh Beatz, songwriters (DaBaby)

25. Best Rap Album
For albums containing at least 51% playing time of new rap recordings.

    Meek Mill
  • I AM > I WAS
    21 Savage
    Tyler, The Creator
    YBN Cordae

those rappers don’t dress like lil nas x so i’m confused.
pastor troy isn’t winning a grammy because no one cares about him or his music.
he has no crossover appeal and again…

No one cares

he definitely won’t be scoring any points with that lil rant of his.
lil nas x saw the ig post and responded:

if the late and great prince was wearing that same get up…

Would this even be an issue?

would prince be pushing this “agenda” to take away masculinity?
these insecure straights needs to calm all the way down and go drink a coke.

lowkey: if it was two vixens,
kissing on each other in that applebees,
i bet this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “pastor troy thinks you gotta be gay to win a grammy”

  1. A entire rant about nonsense when he would have been respected more if he said he was just homophobic instead of beating around the bush about it. These men want to be deep so bad while not getting a decent point across. The issue is, they do not want their children to be gay, so they hide behind the shield that men are somehow being emasculated. Let people be themselves.

      1. …and he definitely giving up the dizznick to the boys in GA from what I heard .(sus)..dont have receipts on that tho…just coupons….but it’s always those that bash and call…Bash in public blowing up ya phone late night when they’re high and dry…lol

  2. Honestly, if black heterosexuals somehow came across the Infinity Gauntlet, they’d Thanos the black LGBT+ community with the swiftness…

    Funny how these “pro-black” types are so concerned with the “emasculation/effeminization of the black man” but they never talk about how emasculating it is to sire a bunch of children they never planned to be fathers to by several different women outside of marriage, how effeminizing it is that men from other racial groups own all the businesses in their hood, and how sissifying it is to play a role in the destruction of black communities with gang violence and drug selling.

    They attempt to scare black LGBT+ men and women into “being black first,” by highlighting the racism in the LGBT+ community, but when we put our blackness first they continually remind us of how they find our queerness insufferable. They demean our success by chalking it up to our queerness as if our hard work and intestinal fortitude played no role at all.

    I’m done with them, honestly.

  3. Why does Pastor Troy feel threatened? Lil Nas X didn’t even win in the rap category. Maybe if he put a decent album out the Grammy committee would consider it.

  4. Who is Pastor Troy and why is he so fucking ugly? Did his momma dropped him on his head and then his face or what?

  5. I see a couple of issues here. 1 at some point in our community someone is going to have to attack the Hotep ideology head on. Hoteps seem to have a problem with anyone who isn’t a heterosexual alpha black male or a woman who defers to an alpha black male. Hoteps have this mentality that they should be the pillars and leaders in the community without having to put in the work, I’m sorry but there are just to many talented black women and people in the L.G.B.T.QIA community who are doing the work and deserve to be front a center.

    2nd there is the issue Lil Nas X. I have seen photos of Nas X in fashion editorials where he’s had near perfect skin, excellent lighting and some dope clothes on; he has the kind of body that most designers would love to style so I do think its time for him to move away from these gimmicky costumes. Another issue I have with it is its one thing to be who you are; however, every gay man isn’t flamboyant, every gay man isn’t trying to put on a dress or act like a woman. In a way Lil Nas X and Billy Porter for that matter (don’t get me wrong I thought Billy porter’s 2019 Oscars outfit was fly) are kind of making a caricature out of what it means to be a gay black man to a degree. I just wish there was more representation, there are a lot of gay black men out here that want to wear shirts and ties, tuxedos, suits, slacks and jeans

    1. If gay Black men who don’t “look gay” and don’t want to be seen as gay keep laying low, how will there be visibility or representation? One of these masculine gays in the industry is going to have to come out.

      The masculine representation complaints make no sense if no masculine gay men will say “Here I am!”

      1. Its funny because I dont think Lil Nas X is overly feminine or flamboyant. Yeah, he dress like a fashion nova flamingo half the time, but Im not even sure thats his style and he just wearing what people around him want him to wear. I think as soon as he came out, his PR people saw an opportunity to make him the new “it” guy, the new face of the LGBTQ community. But I wonder if whats being presented to us is really how he is. I question it. I think he might just be chill behind closed doors and the way he’s dressing at these events are more so a declaration of “I got money, Im gay, Im out, Im popular, and can wear whatever I want”.

        As far as a proper representation of a maculine gay men. I agree, someone needs to come out and show everyone that not all gay guys are feminine, or flamboyant (not saying its a bad thing). The problem is we dont have many in the industry thats out, and if they are out, they’re not as mainstream as Lil Nas X, or get a lil hype and then it dies down. I thought of Fly Young Red (remember Lil Boy Pussy? XD) But he fell off, I mean, he still make music, but it didnt get as much traction as Boy Pussy. And then you have these OnlyFans dudes like Demetrius who portrays himself as a masculine bi-sexual guy, but not many people know about him, just within our community.

    2. Regarding your first point:
      If they were open and honest, those hotep “woke” types really don’t know what to do with the black LGBT+ community. They are conflicted because, on the one hand, they don’t want us over there with the white gays aiding and abetting the “gay agenda.” While, on the other hand, they don’t want us to take an active role in our oppression; certainly not a role in front of them. They just want us to sit in a corner somewhere out of sight out of mind. I found this out the hard way…

  6. I don’t even know who this person is. Instead of trying to win a Grammy he should at least have enough talent to be nominated for one.

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