odell beckham jr has another “gay” moment with another baller wolf?

odell beckham jr could have 70 girlfriends and folks will think he’s gay.
they could literally hearing him banging a vixen in another room,
and somehow,
they’ll still think he was with another male.
he may just have to accept this is what folks will think about him.
i saw the following video,
and i’m sure it’s innocent,

but the body language has everyone talking…


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Me when I see my crush πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚

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…already has folks deciphering.
in my head,
odell bumped into the other baller wolf on purpose.
they talked about something and he showed him his kicks.
other baller wolf licked his lips because,
most males do that when their lips are dry.
in other’s head,
they fucked under the stadium shortly after.

can we get into the other baller wolf tho?
that’s dk metcalf,
the new rookie baller wolf for the seahawks.
we fonted about him ( x here ).
i’d bump into his tall dark chocolate fine ass too…


he stick that tongue out as me and it’s the draws on site.

lowkey: dk…
gimmie all the inches.

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21 thoughts on “odell beckham jr has another “gay” moment with another baller wolf?”

  1. I just don’t believe he’s into chicks and most straight men aren’t interested in being coy or mysterious about their sexuality, either.

  2. If anything that says something about DK and I saw that post too like uh where is the NFL microphone when you need it, they record everything else. I know if it was on FOX they would have showed what they were doing since they like leaking NFL Locker Room Nudes on LIVE tv

  3. You can’t be too surprised what Odell does now, its normal. Now you have to see the other person reactions because that lets you know whats really going on. First the ESPY’s missing what Odell was saying now this, you have to see what they doing because it could all be innocent and here we go making it gay again when clearly its not… even tho that did look like something freaky was said

  4. Why be so invested in someone else’s sexuality?? Especially someone you don’t know personally. All them thirsty hoes on IG and hating ass niggas. I’m sure there’s plenty of dl men in professional sports, but believe it or not the ones that fuck around the most are the ones who are married or have girlfriends. Don’t just focus on what your eyes can see, look beyond.

      1. They do dl shit in public and people think oh they just real good friends when they are… real boyfriends. Odell brings attention to him. He is always doing something questionable and he likes the attention he gets. He can not just be normal in front of a camera. If a camera is around, he is going to make sure he is seen. He is a good NFL player as well.

  5. He pulled on the move they did in old days in school…let me bump into him to get his attention. lol…sun mustve been aiming for his good eye for him not to see that big chocolate dude.

    Cmon no straight man’s eyes should ever go below eye level when talking to a man. ..un less you checkin out the body..

  6. Odell that’s one of my moves… I see you boo πŸ˜‰. Vers life is the best life!

  7. Odell is too cute. I wont comment on the move he did to the other guy but I can surely grin at all the speculation.

    Odell probably isn’t gay at all. He might be bisexual tho… He is from my vicinity.

  8. some of you’ll with your vivid imaginations, can you please get a pen and paper and pick up where E. Lynn Harris left off! fuck it i’ll read your book….LMAO.

    1. Please somebody!!! I’m actually reading one of E.Lynn Harris books now for maybe the 20th time…… Basketball Jones!!πŸ€

  9. DWRCL.. Ok so y’all think OBJ don’t know what hes doing. SHEEP KNOWS SHEEP. WE all do the same shit when we see someone we want to grind so we run into them ‘friendly’ gesture and we play it off . I would od the same thing for Metcalfe. He fyne as fuck…You go OBJ. Live your Life

  10. Odell gives that straight boy-gay tease vibes. Always doing something or saying something questionable but will tease the fuck outta you just because he can. Constantly throwing it at you but soon as you approach him like, “yo whats good”, they don’t know what you talking about. He’s a dick tease. He loves it.

  11. Ain’t even a thing now…its so damn common. THE BUMP tho…yup…lol a common move. Did yall see the look?…the connect?…lol I saw it. Heyyllll…Cam, too….and Antonio B (he just crazy as FUCK). Lol…nun to see here,folks…move it along…lolol

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