Ochocino Is Giving Away Free Christian Louboutins on Twitter

chad ocho is a wolf with a plan.

what better way to get on the vixen’s good side than their weakness.
nothing brings a vixen to her knees,
than a fresh pair of free heels.
how do you think he got that one reality show vixen he butted head’s with?

i hope he plans on giving away better looking louboutins.
those look like basic models.
i can just imagine all the vixens who followed him the last few days.

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12 thoughts on “Ochocino Is Giving Away Free Christian Louboutins on Twitter

  1. I wish he would give me some of that piece and those cakes!!!!! And the rest of that dark chocolate body!!!!

  2. Just trying to stay relevant thru the blogs … his football career is heading south ….. and after his “audition” with TP his ‘entertainment fee” as plummented.

      1. my source says no but they are trying to get the show scheduled so they can get paid and will do whatever it takes

  3. Ocho, I hope he is not buying them and look at life and see he isn’t working? Let the whores get their own shoes if they want them bad enough. I believe he is bi-sexual anyway!!!

  4. Haha the thirst is real. Idk why women go bat shit over louboutins to me they have become the very definition of basic b/c everyone is getting them. They are the new Louis Vuitton Bag meaning everyone has it now an it’s nothing special. Now if I was a women I would be aiming for a Hermes Birkin bag b/c only a few can afford it and only a few rock it.

    1. I don’t think everyone is getting them because they are pretty expensive. Maybe they are borrowing from each other or painting the soles red?

      1. You would be surprised, I know two people both males who have a couple of pair and both could not spell CAT if I gave them the C and the T. It so easy for designers to market their wares to uneducated consumers who strive to be something their not. Their self-esteem is on their back and feet. Neither of these Ninja’s have their own place of residence, no stable work history, and are lacking in so many areas of their life, but I guess when they put on these magic shoes, they feel important and special for the moment. SMH at Chad Johnson, he has a serious case of Attention-Whore-Itis, lets pray he gets the help he needs.

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