Kim Kardashian Memory Is Slippin’ Since She Got Some Sperm In Her

this is a weird interview i was sent today.
anything from the kardashian camp is usually weird.

kim and kourtney made an appearance on david letterman last night.
he asked kim about her still being married to “what’s his name“.

anyway, i found her answers interesting


One thing I found interesting is that Kim says she has been trying to get the divorce wrapped up for “two years now”.  Um, someone should remind her that they first split up in October of 2011.  Just a bit over ONE year ago.


she usually shys away from questions like that.
she got so in depth that it surprised me.
maybe it’s this new found motherhood?

something about that whole interview seemed “planned“.
is it just me?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Memory Is Slippin’ Since She Got Some Sperm In Her”

  1. Kris wants her to tell the truth, that’s all he wants. She needs to come out and admit the marriage was a fraud.

      1. He will. The divorce just has to be finalized. It wouldn’t be a good look for him to propose to her while she is married, but wait, he already got her pregnant and she’s still married lol. Trust me he wants to wife her. When it gets finalized he will propose to her probably that same day. Sits back and waits.

  2. I try everything I can possibly do not to be updated on whatever the hell is going on with that entire family. They are so irrelevant to me.

  3. They are some of the strangest people I have seen. I am surprised that the other sister is no flossing with a black man like her sisters. Who wants a woman who has been with so many different guys. I think at time some black men are crazy when they have money or has made it big then they go get those gold digging white ass women marry them have kids and the next thing you know a divorce is filed and that bitch get half of what they own plus the house. Black men need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize they are being targeted for what the got.

  4. Listen CLOSELY TO what this botch says, she says “He wants to get an annulment BASED ON THE FACT that I married him for publicity”

    She tried to be all cute and brave and parented to b truthful in this interview but you can always tell the truth with the words a person says and how they are originally phrased. Nice try bitch.

  5. Its only a matter of time before this chick falls out and finds the Holy Ghost and knocks Jan Crouch off of TBN because its nothing else scandalous left for her to do. Enough of all these antics already Kimmie. Still married to one man, having babies by another, and the black blogs rip poor Fantasia to pieces and have nothing but praise for her. God dont like ugly and this whole situation is ugly and messy. If the divorce does not go through before the baby is born, he will be the legal father and will have custody rights to this child.

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