My Rich Baller Friends Would Bail Me Outta Jail!

rich friends are cool.
they can:

get you out of drama
help you pay an overdue bill
score some hardcore coke or horse tranqs for a night cap

they can also pay your bail when you allegedly ahve your baby daddy murdered.
that is where ^this she jackal comes in at.
her rich friends bailed her out after she was arrested for the crime.
this is how much they put down via new york daily news

A California woman accused of killing the father of her two children is expected to be released from jail Thursday after posting an unprecedented $35 million bail raised by wealthy friends, family and business associates with ties to China.

Tiffany Li, 31, is backed by a consortium of people tied to her mother who have raised $4 million cash and pledged $61 million in San Francisco Bay Area property. California courts require twice the bail amount if property is used instead of cash.

Li’s attorney Geoff Carr says Li and her mother were born in China, where the mother was financially successful in the construction industry. Carr says Li and her mother are naturalized U.S. citizens.

Carr said all defendants except those accused of death penalty-eligible crimes are entitled to “reasonable bail.”

The $35 million bail is the highest ever in San Mateo County’s history, a county official said.

San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said he’s concerned Li is a flight risk and is disappointed the judge didn’t set the bail even higher. His office asked for a $100 million bail.

“If convicted she faces the rest of her life in prison,” Wagstaffe said. “That’s plenty enough incentive to flee back to her native China.”

Carr said he expects Tiffany Li to be freed Thursday pending her murder trial in September. Li will be required to turn over her passports, wear an electronic monitor and remain under house arrest.

Li has pleaded not guilty to charges she directed her boyfriend and another man to kill Keith Green, 27, and dispose of his body last year. Prosecutors say she feared losing custody of her young children to Green.

Green’s body was found May 11 in Sonoma County, about 80 miles (128 kilometers) north of where he was supposed to meet Li.

Li was arrested several days later in the multimillion-dollar home she shared with her children in Hillsborough, a suburb of mansions and large houses 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of San Francisco. The two men were also arrested in May and remained jailed without bail. Carr says their lawyers didn’t ask for bail because they don’t have the resources to post a multi-million dollar bail bond like Li did.

Carr says the people who posted Li’s bail believe she is innocent and will not flee. If she does go on the lam, the court can confiscate the property and cash.

…oh yeah,
she is probably being stuffed in a suitcase as we font.
i wonder why they would assume she is innocent?
given all the alleged details,
she clearly is a strong suspect in this case.
this was the baby daddy,
keith green,
that she had killed:

and according to abc7news:

We’re learning more about the third suspect in the murder of a Millbrae man. The third suspect is Olivier Adella. He’s a little known figure in what’s turned out to be a high profile homicide case.

Adella, who’s a mixed martial arts fighter and has had some success in the ring, was arrested last Friday at his apartment in Burlingame.

The two other suspects – the victim’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Li and her current boyfriend Kayveh Bayat – were taken in the day before by a SWAT team at Li’s Hillsborough mansion.

“It all began with Keith’s discovery that Tiffany had an affair with his friend Kavi, that he caught him,” said attorney Mitri Hanania.

ABC7 News obtained a document, a mutual separation agreement that Li had asked Green to sign in October.

She offered him $4,000 a month plus a lump sum of $20,000 and a Range Rover.

In return, she wanted Green to move out of the mansion, which her wealthy Chinese mother had bought her and resolve any financial claims he might have had.

A source says Li got angry when he refused to sign.

Green went missing in April. His body was found two weeks ago in Sonoma County with a bullet through his neck.

she clearly as a “type”.
i know those two jackals are livid they are in the slammer and she is out.
more than likely,
they will sell her out to the highest bidder for a lower sentence.
in my head,
she knows ninjas and they are frightened to even speak,

a messy situation all around.
the cubs lose a father and a crazy she-jackal of a mother.

lowkey: thanks to the f-bi,
even when the site was down,
they were still updating me.
the foxhole rules.

article taken: ny daily news | abc7news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “My Rich Baller Friends Would Bail Me Outta Jail!”

  1. How did she think she would lose custody of the kids to him I’m confused. She comes from money and nine times out of 10 the court is going to leave the children with the mother anyway I feel like there’s something that’s not being brought to light right now .

    P.S. He’s a cutie

    1. Ok. I thought I was the only one confused! LOL
      She offered dude $4K a month, $20K lump sum payment, and a Range Rover…for what though?
      To abandon the kids? Divorce? That one lost me too.
      But if it was for him to give her sole custody, I’d pass that up too. It’s evident dude loved his kids. She didn’t want to share custody? Most women would kill for a dude like that! This chick went and killed him…and to make matters worse, she banged his best friend! That’s some grimy shyt right there!

    2. Maybe for the same reason her bail is high, albeit she is a naturalized citizen, she was born in China and she could have taken the children there.

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