Marvin Bienaime Gets Lucky With Olavo Williams

this one is giving me a heavy dominican.
i could be wrong tho.
everyone meet olavo williams.
he just won marvin bienamie’s best selfie challenge this week and well…

i hope marvin will have him eating a cherry
or a hamburger
or whatever…
as long as it’s in slow motion and he’s eye fuckin’ the camera.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Gets Lucky With Olavo Williams”

  1. I commented on one of your post a few months ago telling you to watch out for marvins new guy. This is him.

    I seen him in a pic with vinny about about 7-8 month ago(when olavo only had 3-400 followers). So I added him. He’d always comment and like all of vinnys pics. Then they’d also talk about messaging each other on PS4 to “play each other in 2k.” He still likes all of vinnys pic.

    Yes, I’m a professional stalker. lol

    He has a girlfriend but I think he’s apart off the foxwhole. I also think he had/has something going on with a guy named @mattnicholas. Some actor guy(not know at all).

    1. ^see…

      this is why the foxhole cannot ever go away.
      we keep up to date through this.
      thank you for all the info ld.
      he looks like the type they will throw bills at to get a taste of that pipe…
      …or foxtail…

  2. Olavo is only 19 and apparently lives in Canada.His mom is a life coach in Winnipeg and she talked about the weather kept him from getting into the city.Also one of his friends said he is the finest guy in Winnipeg.His mom was joking about setting him up with one of her followers’ daughters last month on her page.

    Vinny has a lot of teenage boys he associates with he just gave one(@trill_sheikk) an expensive watch or camera for his birthday.He also still associates with Devin, the basketball player.Coincidentally Devin turned 19 this week.Vinny has an on again off again BF named Chris aka Chad.

    While I was typing this Matt Nicholas just posted “My nigga” on Olavo’s page.

    Interesting tidbit Milan Christopher has liked almost all his pics.A few weeks ago Milan and Vinny seemed to have words on Vinny’s page about Olavo.But they could have been joking around because they are friends.Vinny is best friends with Kellon that’s how I started following him.

  3. I think Olavo might be a part of the foxxhole. He liked a bunch of @damiunmoore’s(the dude who kinda looks like Chris Brown) pics on IG, and it was back-to-back. I was thinking that maybe it was a “like for a like” thing, but they’re not even following each other.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of IG male “models” do that, though. They like a bunch of pics of dudes they don’t follow. Like somebody else said, Milan Christopher’s thirsty self always does this.

    1. Milan likes everyone’s pics but he follows less than 200 people LOL. I personally think he’s trying to get some IG nookie. After Gio posted those exposed DM’s of Milan sending him booty pics telling him to “come over” I knew what was up haha

    2. Yes Milan stays liking everyone’s pics but only follows less than 200 people. I hate those types lol. The teasing guys who will like your pics from time to time but refuse to follow. Like damn you’re a fan since you keep lurking, clicking follow won’t hurt!

      And I think Milan is trying to get some IG nookie. After Gio exposed those DM’s of Milan sending nudes telling him to “come over” I knew what was up haha. And his posts in general just scream *Please slide in my DM’s*
      He’s not a bad looking man but lord he can be so cringey at times

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