MEAT (104): Celebrity Hubby Edition

I know you are not suppose to lust over someone’s husband…
not that I ever follow those rules…

But uh…

I would totally give it to Shannon Brown.

Sorry Mo.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “MEAT (104): Celebrity Hubby Edition”

    1. What’s wrong with Monica? She seems very down-to-earth & unaffected by the fame & celebrity life…that’s probably what he saw. She’s definitely wifey material (at least to me)

  1. Look, fvcks with Monica’s man if you want to; she will slice & dice you…and they won’t find the body. Mrs. Brown don’t play…

  2. Wow saw this dude last year in LA at the All Star Game at the NBA Experience. Now this man is just breathtaking; a good looking man. In person one of the best looking men I have ever seen. Monica is one lucky woman to get to crawl in to bed with that every night. Groupie tales says not only does he put it down, he beats it up, so I know Monica stays strapped and ready for any Bitch shit, she is from ATL no doubt.

  3. I’ll never forget the first time I saw them cakes I was in love then and I still am. Damn these fish I hope Monica doin her wifely duties cause I can treat him right

  4. Shannon already know how I feel about him. I would smash those cakes till the cows came home. I hope Monica do go on that tour…that’s ALL I am going to say..LOL

      1. yea Jamari go on MyVidster and look up … Shannon Brown Naked … they on there …. mmmm

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