let me put on my fresh cat daddy suit to show out for the poor people

this is the perfect easter documentary!
the pretty vixen sent it to me earlier.
it’s called:

“The Congo Dandies: living in poverty and spending a fortune to look like a million dollars”

i’d love to hear your thoughts foxhole because ummerraaahhh…

the attentionistos of the congo.
for those who don’t know what a dandy is:

plural noun: dandies
  1. 1.
    a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

a dandy is a seduction type as well.
( x read here )
as you can see in that doc,
they attracted attention and worship.
my thing is tho…

They spent 1 million dollars on these outfits to walk on a dirt road everyday?

they was stepping in those shoes like a vixen who got a fresh pair of heels.
there was a lot to unpack in that doc tho.
it is very similar to how we live out here and what we show on socials.
i can imagine they would show TF out if they lived in america.
you wouldn’t be able to tell them shit.
they might be rich af depending on the circumstances.
instead of working hard and getting out of the slums,
maybe even buying land,
they decided to spend that money on material possessions.
his wife doesn’t even get the same treatment to look as fly.
she is slaving and taking care of the kids.
it reminds me of when i see the baby mama looking a mess,
but the dude next to her is looking like he should hit the runway at any given moment.
that doc was pretty eye opening,
but it’s nothing we don’t see everyday in our own neighborhoods.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “let me put on my fresh cat daddy suit to show out for the poor people”

  1. Wow! C’est vraiment au-delà du pâle. Ces baiseurs sont inconscients du fait que RT et ses acolytes se moquent d’eux. Sheesh.

    Literally: This truly is beyond the pale. These fuckers are oblivious to the fact that RT and its ilks are making fun of them. You are absolutely right given the poverty…

  2. The French have my black brothers in the Congo fucked right up. They have them speaking the French language, now dressing like them and even fucking them for pleasure. When will our people cut the throats of the oppressors? When will our people treat the racist like how they keep treating us? FUCK THE FRENCH!!

    He uses his money to buy a pair of fucking shoes?? Really brother? TO WHAT END? Where’s the roof over your families head? Where is your legacy? Is it in that pair of fucking Westons? Seriously? SMFH – Clothes? The money could have been used to start a business and employ many people to make and sell those clothes back to the Frogs!

    Our people was forced to fight for the fucking FROGS, some remained in France, others came home and all they brought back was some fucking fabric to look like a black french dandy….. Aye yie yie yie yie

    1. ^so much to unpack.

      “They have them speaking the French language, now dressing like them and even fucking them for pleasure.”

      this sounds like the black males who start escorting and fuckin’ white males.

    2. The most common language in Africa is French. France colonised most African nations. The largest French speaking country is Democratic Republic of Congo, they were however colonised by Belgium (who also speak French).

      The reason why France sustained wealth is due to exploiting their African colonies for natural resources that aren’t in Europe

  3. I understand there is much to criticize, but at the same time, this fashion is giving something to get out of bed for. They live in extreme poverty, what do they have to look forward to? Obviously balance is an issue. They shouldn’t be putting their fashion above everyone else.

  4. Jamari this is my dad country and ive live there for 2years,its congo brazza to this country they live for pleasure they always say “we eat we drink and make kid
    Fashion its a religion in congo u can see a 6yrs boy go to school with suit
    For u its slavery but for them its about living and forget they poverly situation for one or 2hours.they put there better clothes go drink
    U cant understand.congolese women dnt see a problem to there men buy expensive clothes and to them care about children,its the mentality therr thats why a woman its a queen in this country because shes the one who do everythinh for the kids

  5. This all stems from oppression. It is a vicious spell that the oppressors have placed upon us.
    he sees absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on material things despited the pauper setting he’s in. This was a hard watch.

  6. Why do black people love to blame white people for everything? I genuinely want to know because I’m confused.

    How is it the French fault when this man is choosing to buy these expensive clothes?

    1. @Umberto

      because it’s easy. It’s also the same reason some are attempting to blame white people and racism for coronavirus affecting Blacks disproportionately. Nevermind the poor eating habits and lifestyle choices which may contribute to being susceptible to disease. Let’s just blame whitey.

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