Khia Says Frank Ocean Had Women Fooled With His Down Low Ways

is this a d-list gang bang?
why is it all these nobodies are hoping on this.
i hope they know this will NOT revive their careers in any which way.
khia career been dead for over a decade now.
i attended the memorial when i played, “my neck, my back” the other day.
check out what khia had to say…

“Hats Off To Frank Ocean At Least He Finally Told The Truth Now All The Women He Fooled Can Finally Know The Truth!!” Khia wrote on Twitter.

“I Wrote A Book About It!! Be Sure To Get It Khia’s New Book Ignoring The Signs!!! LAWD HAVE MERCEY ON THEIR SOULS!!”

while she is waiting for the repo man to come take her car again…


#1 United States
#1 United Kingdom
#1 Australia
#1 Canada
#1 Denmark
#1 Finland
#1 Greece
#1 Ireland
#1 New Zealand
#1 Norway
#1 Sweden

…and top 10 in every other market.

take these dollars and go get cho shit outta storage chick.
you real disrespectful right now!
anyway, peep these two interviews i found with frankie…


frank is hot.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Khia Says Frank Ocean Had Women Fooled With His Down Low Ways”

  1. Fuck Khia. People are trying to ride is coat tail to make themselves releveant, but it’s not gonna work. Lil Scappy, Myshit(whatever his name is), and now Khia. How is he fooling women when he’s bisexual? He still likes women, but he likes men too. Have a stadium full of seats Khia, please for everyone’s sake.

    Frank is sexy. I wanna hit it. Yup.

  2. Miss Khia can go have a stadium seats full of bloody broken glass right next to Mylanta and and Lil Scrabby Doo…

    As for Frank O., congrads bro! #1 all day baby!

  3. “It’s like playin’ favorites with your kids, that shit ain’t cool..” Ah he’s so charming. Damn I wanna put a ring on that nigga.

  4. Frank been singing about boys since forever. Thinkin about you came out last year and it was about a boy, he says boy in the record so if he keeps singing about his love for men maybe khias dumb ass shoulda picked up on it sooner.

  5. Poor Khia, I will cut her a little slack since she has a medical condition–Her Titties are Bi-Polar, but seriously you cant take this one hit wonder serious. She comes at everybody in the industry and continues to get ignored by everyone. She will sell her mama foodstamp card to get some publicity for her fledgling independent empire. I will give her that her youtube videos are hilarious, its like watching mediatakeout live, because she is always spewing rumors and half truths about celebs just like they do and Im sure she is representative of their fan base.

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