now that i found out  who 161 belonged to…
all thanks to f-bi agent, rain
let me show you some more…

meet tad kornegay.

he was born right next door in trenton, nj.
went to fordham u in the bx.
very nice.
i know Canada is a huge adjustment from ny life.


aside all the logistics…
he is hot.
he has a nice face.
that usually stops me in my tracks.
i need to be able to look at you.
that being said:

i want him.
i want him immediately.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “CLAIMED MEAT (162)”

  1. Damn he is FINE. Sorry Foxes, I’m going to have to steal this meat from y’all for a few hours. I’ll bring him back when I’m done.

      1. What’s wrong? I said I’ll give him back. I don’t want what y’all want anyway. Don’t y’all got like 160 pieces of meat to finish. LOL

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