Yup. Someone Just Decided To Call Out Frank Ocean.

“By judging others, you make yourself easy to judge.” – Ashly Lorenzana


someone decided to crawl out from under a rock and call out frank ocean.
this is one ny artist i haven’t heard from in years.
but, i knew this was coming.
frank ocean will have people talking shit about his decision.

Check the tweets below…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEeE75WY1Gw]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qiK4iDXvZI]

so mysonne,
a new york rapper,
had some things to say about frank ocean…
without actually saying it to him:


i see his point, but then i don’t.
i have a quick question thooo….
doesn’t this whole rant mean mysonne is hopping on frank’s coat tails for controversy?

here is my thing.
frank wrote songs talking about a DUDE.
he wrote those tracks for HIS album.
instead of dealing with the back and forth questions,
he came out and was real about it.
frank is just real like that.
frank isn’t in the spotlight all that much anyway.
so, he chose to come out and not lie like these other ________ within the industry.
if it happened to sell records, so be it.
this is still a business.
i feel frank is being genuine,
but people in the industry have been pulling stunts to sell records.
i won’t even go into the list of rappers who have because it will take all night.
i just took two melatonin pills and i’m tired.
but, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.
i don’t see ONE mysonne record on itunes top 100 or billboard top 200.
mysonne needs to get over it and worry about his own career, ya think?
maybe he needs to pull a stunt.
well, he did with calling out lil b and xxl and that got him nowhere.
now, he is going after frank and will have the same outcome.

sex tape?
full body peen shot?
give us something so we can remember you in the morning.

so, with that being said…

Do you think Mysonne is right?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Yup. Someone Just Decided To Call Out Frank Ocean.”

  1. Who is Mysonne? No, really – who is he? Frank is going with the flow & being low-key, but Mr. Myspace wants to call him out for being sensational & this is a stunt? No one would rightly pull a stunt like this…besides, pot calling kettle much?

    Thank you for playing, here’s your refund on that 15 minutes you tried to cash – I think it’s time for your shift at McDs, sir…

  2. “Do you think Mysonne is right?” Hell no! I know nigga shit, when I see it and this is nothing but hatin’ big time. And, I do think he is trying to pimp off Frank Ocean’s notoriety.

  3. The fuck is a Mysonne?

    He does know it’s 2012, the fuck is he stuck in the late 90’s early 2000’s for?

    Why is he even commenting on grown folks business?

    Frank Ocean does not need to be in his mentions.

    Thugs are played out. Everything he’s doing has already been done. SMDH.

    If you are not a brand or building a brand, or is directly involved with someone who is, then fall all the way the fuck back please.

    I wish he’d accidentally fall into a glass door.

    “If you tired, be quiet, and go to sleep hoe!” #inthatorder!

  4. All these “rappers” / hip-hop artist are bigger queens than the girls that spend hours doing their makeup. They try so hard to portray the masculine “hip-hop” image and they try to be so convincing with their hyper-masculine lifestyles/image that it’s disturbing. Coming at someone who is making a living with their God given talent is like telling on yourself. You felt so uncomfortable with another mans sexuality to speak about it. That says a lot about a supposedly heterosexual man… and to be quite frank, (pun intended) I’m sure Mr. Ocean doesn’t know or give a shit about the latter.

  5. First of all when did washed up acts think they anybody gives one fuck on what they have to say. Never heard of this dude and how can someone who is playing a thug rapper try to call someone out for being fake. Bitch please take your crusty lip- old looking ass back to Footlocker before your supervisor finds out you are on twitter while you should be waiting on customers. Wow we live in a age where there are so many catty bitchy men, a real man would not be concerned what any other man is doing especially when it has nothing to do with his name, family or livelihood. If you cant support another brother, shut ya damn pie hole.

  6. off topic but…Jamari didn’t you tell us months ago a guy in the industry was coming out. How did you know?

  7. if Frank is doing it to boost album sales, this nigga is tweeting the topic to get more followers… and no one judges character when your gay, all they see is gay… it makes no sense calling him fake because he never even said that he was gay, he just wrote about an experience he had one summer, this mayonase guy needs to chill, if your straight and getting pussy, Franks name shouldnt even be in ya mouth, why you mad tho? lol

  8. LMAO….ol ugly ass nigga. Why does his face look like that. LOL I’ve never heard of dude. I bet he’s getting his back blown out tho.

    Frank planned to come out and some people don’t understand that. He sat down and decided that he would put his life out there on his album, and he took a chance that others were afraid to take. What was the man supposed to do wait for the release and look stupid? He did right by telling us his sexuality before the release of it becuase the reactions would have not been the same.

  9. First of all, FUCK Mysonne!

    Second of all, Why does he even care? Beautyishisname is SO right about these bitch made rappers. Always trying to start of beef over dumb shit.

    Frank NEVER said he was gay or bisexual. He just spoke on a same sex experience he had one summer. He has a couple of songs that uses he/him pronouns and I sure if he kept quiet about it, people would speculate so he decide to go ahead and put it out there.

    If he did for album sales/ pubicity then so fucking be it. Like Jamari said, this is a business and if you don’t sell records, you don’t eat.

    Let’s say if Frank is indeed bisexual. It’s nobody’s business. He is only 24 and most people I know, come out around that age (17-25). Until Mynigga can walk in Frank or anybody else shoes, he needs to shut his trap and focus on his OWN shit.

    MyLANTA needs to go have a stadium of seats on some that bloody broken glass imported from China. Go sit right next Lil Scrappy.

  10. Wait.

    I’ve seen him before. He’s a rapper? I definitely had no idea. Isn’t he gay too?

    Anyway. That’s unimportant. The thing is, Frank didn’t openly come out and address his sexuality. A reporter wrote about it after a listening session. All Frank is “guilty” of is putting it in his music, which is something an artist is supposed to do.

    Tell Mysonne, or whatever his name is to have a seat. Judging by those lips and the obvious time on his hands, he just needs something to occupy his mind and my ass is just the thing to handle the job.

    1. If you’re offering your azz, there’s no need to waste it on him — especially when I could do a much better job 😉

  11. i deleted my twitter and i’d appreciate if someone can tweet (maybe DM) this to him especially those of you with many followers:

    1. if you’re just realizing people claim false “hood” ALL THE TIME, you’re a dumb fool for believing everything people say or act like on tv. From plies(nursing degree) to Drake (private school), to cassidy (ivy league grad) everyone plays HOOD.

    2. Spell properly “there” is NOT “their” niggas is should be niggas ARE,

    let’s judge men by character, a man who talks about other men is a “gossip” a fairly feminine quality.

  12. so who is tweeting davon’s message to him?
    i sent mysonne the entry.
    he is probably reading now.
    {waves to mysonne}

    does he know his rapper name sounds like a face cream?

  13. What is a Mysonne. Legit sounds like cough medicine, and is it weird that I read “buzzes” as “bussies” in that last tweet? Will never get why these allegedly hard straight dudes are always so caught up in gay people’s business.

  14. It look to me like success is walking into his house ….. In a abstract way….

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