KarateChop Is Really Getting Fucked By Breezy Wolf

Breezy Wolf is having the best year ever, ain’t he?

First he won a Grammy.
Secondly, he nearly blew Twitter up by that collab with Rihanna.
Then, he gets to have an orgy…. while his girlfriend, Kawasaki, waits outside????

I swear I love TattleTailzz fans,  you guys keep me so entertained! So this morning I received an email from a  fan, I am not surprised at the “story” nor the “lifestyle” some people live. It’s part of the game when you have money, fame and or a  fortune “no pun intended” .

“Last night there was a party in Hollywood Hills, at Andre Berto’s house.  The general party was downstairs.  You were only allowed upstairs IF you gave security your cell phones and if you were invited up to the “main event” only a few people maybe 12-15 including Chris Brown, Andre Berto, and a few girls I’ll call it the “sex suite” and yes they were getting it in.  I guess that’s still called an orgy ????? Surprisingly Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s girlfriend) was there, BUT she was outside of the room making sure that no one brought their phones in the room. She was very pleasant and really pretty.

She sounds like ” every mans fantasy”, allowing sex with other women???

Do you believe this tea???

Is anyone surprised that Karrueche would get girls for Chris Brown?

Chris Brown’s  girlfriend is not letting him go, what else would she be doing?

Source: TattleTailzz

I’ve heard about Breezy Wolf’s sex parties.
I also heard about how he really does have an open relationship with that chick, Koochiecutters.
I know someone who has been around them both and he basically dogs her out and flirts with other Vixens while she is standing there.


I hope she is playing stupid as she gets that paper…
If not, she is really as dumb as she looks.

But somehow, and I pray, she has a trick up her sleeve.
if my Wolf was in the basement sticking MY OWNED AND JAMARI FOX TATTOOED his meat in all kinds of buns
and all I’m doing is handing out condiments outside the door.

Ya know, looking something like she does here:

I hope Kaeswiss at least got to watch.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “KarateChop Is Really Getting Fucked By Breezy Wolf”

  1. I swear I want Sugar Cookie Brown, Karoachamacalit and Rihanna the Goat to have a seat….in a pool full of sharks..

    This publicity stunt is REALLY getting on my nerves…where is Beyonce when you need her?

  2. I truly hope she’s stacking paper & saving it; cuz between this & him (likely) fvcking RiRi too, this girl is basically a big joke. But hey, do you boo

  3. LOL @calling her all types of names. Kaeswiss was the one that got me. LOL. Karrueche has no trick up her sleeve, she’s as dumb as she looks.

  4. Assuming the story is true, what makes her any different than many of these other vixens, hybrids, and foxes laying up with wolves who basically do the same thing?
    The only real difference is that he’s famous.

    Could I say she’s stupid? Yeah, I could.
    But then I know I’ve stayed with wolves who clearly weren’t worth the time or energy.
    Piped foxes who should’ve been used more as dumpsters than partners.
    So what makes me any better than her?
    The fact that I left, maybe.
    But should we laugh at her and call her stupid or feel bad for her because she hasn’t gotten the clue yet?

  5. She is a cute vixen she should loose that hero and get with a basic like me lol. And she can bring that huge bag of weed with her!!!

  6. She’s young and probably just using him as a stepping stone to some”thing” better. And she’s definitely getting the exposure to do so. Anywho, she probably knows his secrets.

    It’s funny because a CB song is playing as I type.

  7. She’s gorgeous! I’m sure she knew what she was getting into and she is along for the ride. We assume that girlfriend means she is in a faithful relationship when, even for regular people, that isn’t always the case. I think we need to give this girl more credit. She is passing out condom, standing at the door, and keeping her mouth shut while getting PAID!!

  8. Come on Karaoke…oops I mean Karrueche…is just a star fucker, a low-self esteem having bitch that gets off on being close to celebrities.

    A matter of fact she is not even really Chris’s girlfriend. She is a glorified groupie.

    Or if Chris was a pimp she would be the bottom bitch.

    Starfuckers, groupies and bottom bitches rarely come to a good end. They usually end up drugged out, used and thrown away, or in jail or the insane asylum.

    But she may have a rabbit in her hat as UrSoVain and YngBlackWolf said. Maybe she is banking her money. I hope she is.

    Because I give Chris a year to find another Starfucker. He is already holding auditions.


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