I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (52)


some animals out here do dumb shit.
like this one for example…


you see the look on her face?
she know she wanna cry.
she was bleeding too.
what would possess her to do some dumb shit like this?
i bet she went to sleep hoping it was just a dream.
her stupidity is real and on the internet…


lowkey: imagine explaining that patch to your parents?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (52)

  1. I screamed so loud. Like damn that drill really pulled her hair out. Can somebody create a GoFundMe for this stupid ass to purchase a hat.

  2. 😂😂 She became viral, just not how she wanted. I’m wondering if that shit hurts, it looked like it did, she must have been in shock.

  3. Did anyone else think it was her teeth being popped out at first? But WHOA, I wasn’t ready for the wig snatch!

  4. Even if you are gonna do some dumb shit like that, why not think to pull your hair back. As soon as I saw how close her hair was, I knew what the outcome would be.

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