Joseline from Love and Hiphop ATL Is Singing A New Tune

i bet she is…
Shenellica aka Joseline has a new song she would like you guys to hear.

ready for it?

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

it’s not bad.
is that wrong to say?
i personally think it will be a smash in some Spanish fox’s house party in the bx.
but, what do i know…

Are you going to buy her album?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Joseline from Love and Hiphop ATL Is Singing A New Tune”

  1. Wow is this whats going to make Billions of dollars for Stevie J and his brand. Mimi dont put nothing in lay-away just yet banking on this. I guess she is going for a niche market. Good Luck, but I hope she has another hustle besides selling her ass on Craiglist, because this might not be the hit she was aiming for, maybe the follow up single will be the blockbuster that will put her name on the map.

  2. No i wouldnt buy this crap… she’s not even singing in the right key for have of the song… back to the strip club for her…

  3. She shouldve kept that baby, it wouldve given her another season on the show and possibly a piece of anything stevie J makes in his lifetime… dumb bitch…

  4. She still looka like a man on that cover; this would be playing in the background at a Dominican or PR party – lights low, n*ggas grinding in the corners – on whomever. Not to say it’s good, cuz it ain’t – but servicable…mostly off the beat

  5. There is something wrong with how she looks…isnt she dominican n the dominican women i have seen dont have strong features like that…she looks to manly

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