Imagine What Would Happen If The Product Came In Different Packaging

“It’s a bad religion
To be in love with someone
Who could never love you” – frank

story of my life though?
he could as well call this album “fox tales”.
i relate with about 95% of this album.

i woke up to listen to channelORANGE.
beautiful album.
as you know, i was always a fan.
i will admit the announcement helped push me into possible stan-manship.
but i had to wonder if frank ocean’s newly found success comes from being something we aren’t use to….

before i get into that…
let’s get into this….

what is this i keep hearing he did this for a publicity stunt?
why would anyone,
in this homophobic state of the world,
think coming out the closet will help sell a record?
frank was like a baby bird whose mother pushed him out the nest to learn how to fly.
he took a leap of faith without a net to catch him if he tumbled into oblivion.
even though he came out, this is still a business.
from a pr standpoint, it was good to release it early.
2 reasons:

1] early leaks that will cause people to get it for free
2] he was still in the gap of “we still care”.

if he waited under the 17th to release,
people would have moved on.
when a scandal happens,
you need to move with it as it goes.
that is your opportunity to go all or nothing.
that, imo, was a smart pr move.

but to the original point…
would frank be as successful if he was a feminine man?
would we care and still show support?
he definitely embodies “regular ass guy” very well.
we are so use to people “coming out” and being the stereotype.
television and movies don’t always show this side of the lifestyle.
it is always the same ol story with a slightly different ending.

don’t lie that you weren’t waiting for someone like Miguel to fly out and set up shop under the rainbow.
but here is a bonus question i just thought of…

would the outcome be different if:

breezy wolf
or even drake

…. were to admit they messed with a fox/wolf?

and from first hand eye witness knowledge i refuse to divulge,
87% of the industry is full of gay men and women.
bi when necessary.
a lot support frank,
but won’t cosign.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Imagine What Would Happen If The Product Came In Different Packaging”

  1. I don’t think he would be taken seriously if he was fem. People still see fem boys as either messy, weak, or the sterile queen…the good girlfriend. The fact that he’s masc, talented, and cute makes a world of difference. And his story resonates with a whole lot of people – wolf, fox, vixen. Women will love him for that. Dudes are shook cuz you wouldn’t know looking at him (unlike say…Miguel lol). Of course, you still have people thinking that Luther, Freddie Jackson, or Little Richard was straight, so…*shrug*

    I like that Frank is treating is like a non-issue (well as much as he possibly can); it would be interesting to see if we see him out with a dude or girl…I’m not sure if he was really all that in the public eye, so we’ll see. The more he treats it like *shrug*, the sooner it’ll quiet down.

    Breezy, Drake, or Trey coming out could be a disaster for them – for the reasons Man mentioned. You’ve spent all this time denying, and not you admit that yes, you like a little meat with your fish? Who knows? I think many artists are bi…at least when it suits them

    1. I’m glad he’s treating it like a non-issue, because it is a non-issue.

      I agree that Aubrey, or T-Bird coming out would be a disaster, but I think Kanye and John Legend could make it work. Same for Tank and Joe Budden, but not Ginuwine, Tyrese, or The Game. Just to mind fuck everybody, Miguel would come out as flaming heterosexual–a regular pussy patroller.

      I just don’t understand the shock that a creative person could possibly be gay or bisexual.

      People still graduate from high school, right? Think of all the musicians, athletes, poets, and artists from your own high school. Did they just suddenly stop flowing with the same and opposite sex?

      Did all the creative types suddenly de-gay themselves before they reached the level of success in their careers?

      It’s just weird to me to expect everyone to be straight, all the time, everywhere.

      Men and women, and those in between, are beautiful, and all of them fuck and fall in love (not necessarily in that order!) with each other on occasion. What’s so hard about that concept?

  2. Of course not.

    Everyone in society clearly hates femininity and all it represents, especially in men, so no–a feminine man has a hard row to hoe no matter where he dwells.

    Until society deals with is internal and external misogyny, homophobia is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Misogyny and homophobia has the same energetic roots.

    It’s the same reason why people don’t understand why a woman may be attracted to masculine lesbian or a man attracted with a feminine gay man.

    There are certain gender rules are derived from misogyny and it’s close cousin homophobia.

    Ever wonder how feminine gay men can be perceived as pathetic, gender-confused “half-men” weaklings and super strong sexual predators of straight men and small children simultaneously? This is the basis of the gay panic defense: a weak faggot is strong enough to take some guy’s, any guy’s, manhood so he must be killed or destroyed. Masculine gay guys aren’t exempt from the hatred either they are considered confused frauds, imposters, and bio-terrorists “spoiling the pussy population”.

    It’s a miasma of perpetual ignorance and cognitive dissonance.

    Never ever heard of Frank Ocean but I applaud him for stating his truth plainly, that’s all anyone can ask.

    I don’t care if you live out loud or quietly, as long as you’re living your best life.

    1. This is why I love Madonna’s song ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’

      ‘Girls can wear jeans
      And cut their hair short
      Wear shirts and boots
      ‘Cause it’s OK to be a boy
      But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
      ‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading
      But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like
      Wouldn’t you
      What it feels like for a girl

  3. I can only speak for me. If Frank O. was fem (which looking back, he kinda gave me an ‘inbetween’ vibe) and came out, I would still support him 100%! Music is fucking music and his music is the truth.

    Would society be harsher on him? Definitely.

    After reading the letter, I don’t even see him as gay or bisexual. I see him as human and for him to take such a risk to be honest with his fans (fuck the world), shows strength and courage. That is a definition of a REAL man.

    Gays/Bisexual come in many different shapes and sizes and as soon as we embrace that, the better!

    This is not about supporting because he is (fill in the label), it’s about supporting good music and a couragous man, who dared to speak up.

    Kinda sad though. The only hate I have witness since his ‘coming out’, were from the gay (black) community and DL rappers.

    1. What DL rappers? I know when they asked Busta about it, he tried to act all brand new.

      1. No because Busta made one of those “it’s that man’s business” politically correct statements. You could tell he was uncomfortable with the question. And I thought Game was cool with gays, from what I read on his Twitter posts.

  4. (The Man) Bro you spoke the truth. I would probably support his project if the music was good, but in all honesty if he was fem, I would probably not support his persona. I have such a strong dislike for feminine dudes. I know its probably has to do with issues of me struggling with my own sexuality. I hate the fact that so many people judge me on what they see fem dudes doing. I feel like a coward at times, and know deep in my heart that fem dudes are fearless and live their life not giving a “F” what anybody thinks. Maybe I resent that behind the masculine persona and muscles, I still cant live open fearing what society is going to say.

    I think many of us, have such a strong respect for Frank Ocean because he is a regular dude that many of us can identify with and we were shocked by his bravery, since sadly many of us dont have that. He gives us hope that we can finally be free and live our life in the open. Of course him being in the industry with deeper pockets will enable him to have a easier journey than many of us. I am going to be interested to hear what the bro’s in the Barbershop are saying about this, it should make for some interesting debates. As for those other dudes they have too many millions of dollar at stake to ever commit career suicide like that, the record companies would not allow it. I personally have never really thought any of those dudes were gay, in this age, the proof would be out by now, their camp probably puts these stories out to keep people talking.

    1. ^agreed tajan.

      it’s not that I hate feminine men.
      I hate messy ones.
      Just because you live life not giving a fuck doesn’t mean you will treat me the same way.

      Many of them lack respect for anyone else.
      they have their own pent up issues that won’t allow them to evolve.

      that being said,
      there are too much of them and not enough “us”.
      frank opened the door for “us”.

    2. That took balls to admit your insecurities. I always wonder why so many gay men (esp of color) hate fem boys so much. I never had an issue with them but I can understand why the next ‘wolf/fox’ would.

      Mad respect.

  5. NO if Frank was fem. the responses wouldn’t be the same, trust me. Him being masc. does make a difference in society and in the entertainment industry. In MY opinion, Frank is not only getting repsect for coming out, he’s getting respect because he’s not the stereotype. He’s different as to what society considers for a man to be gay. We know otherwise, but outsiders(straight people) do not. They go by what they hear and what they usually see. Frank is masc, he’s not loud and he’s not outing other people in the industry, to outsiders that may make him more of a man. I’m not going to lie, if he was fem. my response would be different. Yes, I know that’s wrong, but atleast I can admit it.

    If Trey, Breezy, or Drake came out and said they messed with a dude I would be shocked, not because they have messed with one, but the fact that they came out. They will have to deal with their subconscious feelings. They all have had rumors, and their masculinity has been in question for years, especially Drake, it’s even worse after the incident he has had with Breezy. All three of these guys would have to worry about the opinion of the society in the long run. They would also be giving society the satisfaction and they don’t want that. How many of you guys would come out to a person who has constantly questioned your masculinity and sexuality in the past? I wouldn’t.

    1. ^that is an excellent ending question.
      very dope twist.

      I also feel the fact they sing about getting pussy and have developed themselves as sex symbols.
      Frank was a virtual nobody/background player.
      He could pull that stunt easy.
      The others are too late in the game and their music says otherwise.

      1. Right ,I said before that it’s too late for those guys. Once you deny it that’s it. People will not respect you. It’s career sucide and they know it.

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