Razberry Gets Sliced and Diced

what in all the fucks i have left???????
below is a very graphic picture.
please put your coffee and cap’n crunch down before going any further….

B2K singer Raz B nearly died Sunday in China — after accidentally falling through a glass door in his hotel room … slicing his wrist wide open … and losing a SCARY amount of blood.

Raz — who had been performing in Shanghai before the accident — tells TMZ, he tripped hard inside his room … and when he tried to break his fall, he crashed through a sliding glass door.

Raz says the broken glass caught his wrist and ripped it to pieces, tearing through ligaments, nerves, tendons … right down to the bone. (We’ve seen a graphic close-up of the injury….)

Raz says he immediately began gushing blood and quickly passed out. Someone else in the room then alerted the hotel, and an ambulance was called.

Raz was rushed to Huashan Hospital Fudan University, where doctors operated to repair his mutilated wrist — a grueling procedure that took roughly 5 hours.

Raz was released from the hospital Monday. He has since canceled his remaining tour dates — for now.

i’m calling a suicide attempt.
but, ima relax on the conspiracy theories.
definitely do believe there is more to the story than he is putting on.

15 thoughts on “Razberry Gets Sliced and Diced

  1. You accidentally fall through a sliding glass door and the only thing gets cut, deeply, is your right wrist?

    Something in the milk ain’t clean.

    This was a failed suicide attempt, simple and plain. His left wrist is looking kinda zesty as well.

    He needs professional help. Pronto.

    SMDH. Stunts and shows way in China.

    1. Who cuts that deep on a suicide attempt? Especially when pills & booze work so much better & easier? But I agree something ain’t right…

      Molly – you in trouble girl.

  2. I am going to fuck you up for that pic! Almost reminds me of http://www.bestgore.com (don’t go there if you got a weak stomach.)

    When I heard about this, the first thing came to mind was attempted suicide but that gash is mad deep.

    Maybe he did fall.

    Maybe he pissed some random ninja off and they bicycle kicked his ass into a glass sliding door.

    Regardless I am praying for this boy to get it together. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him!

    My goodness!

  3. Not laughing at the injury, but I am over here rolling that this ninja actually was over in China working, tour dates-WTF is this some kind of twisted joke. I did not realize that they had a “chitlin circuit” in China. I would love to be a fly on the wall at those China dates in a Bejing grocery store parking lot looking at all the confused people. Po Raz, I really hope he finds his way.

    1. I’m sitting here laughing at the same thing. What the hell was he performing in China, and who the hell paid for the show?

  4. Why do I feel either Breezy wolf or some other angry star sent some goons to China to shut him up. He better tread lightly!

      1. If it really happened like he said it did. He might want to have a seat. That might be a message from karma telling him he needs to keep quiet.

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