Jeremy Meeks Secured The Bag After Shootin’ Up The Club

hood dick is a snow bunny’s hidden kryptonite.
all the snow bunnies life,
she was taught to date and marry.
i look at the snow bunnies at my job and they’re sharks.
they ain’t having no cubs until they see a ring and a stock portfolio.
it isn’t until they somehow creep with a hood wolf,
she gets hypnotized by the charm,
and he goes deep up in her vagina to a spot she didn’t know existed…

you know what happens next.
they even do it with the gays.
hood dick is universal and doesn’t miss any hole.
jeremy meeks is leading the pack in the wolf golddiggas.
kevin federline was bumped down.
jeremy is expecting a cub with topshop heiress,
chloe green.
this is the news via “us weekly”

Baby on board! Chloe Green is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Jeremy Meeks, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

The felon-turned-model, 34, and the Topshop heiress, 27, were first spotted together back in June 2017, when Meeks was still legally married to his estranged wife, Melissa.

Following a PDA-filled summer and a public love confession to photographers in July, Meeks filed for divorce in October. He was spotted on vacation in St. Barts with Green on the same day the divorce filing went public.

“Chloe and Jeremy are very much in love and she thinks they will get engaged at some point,” a source told Us about the duo in November.

While this is Green’s first child, Meeks shares biological son Jeremy Jr. and two stepchildren with Melissa.

she is worth 3.8 billion dollars.
i bet every time he smashed chloe to the next dimension,
he made sure to give her pipe she wouldn’t ever forget.
i mean,
look at them in these pictures:

pull out game nonexistent; he shot up in her club.

look the hood wolves do it all the time.
they say pussy is power,
but dick is also destructive.
i’ve seen dick bring down vixens and males alike,
as much i’ve seen pussy ruining a powerful wolf.
good sex,
low self esteem/worth,
and emotional warfare can get anyone out here.
don’t sleep.
i’m sure males are saying “fuck that!” and fucking their way to the top.
some males are perfecting the art of back breaking to get what we need.
even getting on knees/the bottom to get a head.
we always applaud vixens for using their pussy for a come up,
but i had to wonder...

Why do we look down on males for using their dicks to secure the bag?

this situation with jeremy and chloe is gonna get real interesting tho.
maybe they might actually be in love and ride off into the sunset.
who knows.
i know her father is getting oxygen as you read this.
i can’t imagine he’d be okay with this.

article cc: us weekly

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Jeremy Meeks Secured The Bag After Shootin’ Up The Club”

  1. that’s a good question, if a women can do it. I don’t see why a man can’t do it.

  2. No one is upset that he’s fucking his way into money. If you look at his instagram comments people are more upset that he supposedly cheated on and left his wife to be with this chick. The same wife who stood by his side while he was locked up. What;s funny to me is that he left one snow bunny for a richer snow bunny. She’s not even cute but I guess her money makes up for that

      1. Never found him even remotely attractive. If he was able to put a chick under his spell with his dick game, good for him. A lot of guys do it, without the resources that he has (a job). LOL

        He will marry this chick (hopefully her papa is smart enough to write up a pre-nup) in order to set himself up for life. This is a “business” decision for him.

        Yeah, he in love alright. He in love with them $$$.

        I do feel bad that the ones who foolishly stand by the guys at their lowest, get shitted on and kicked to the curb, when they get a come-up/opportunity.

  3. KARMA is a bitch though!! Ain’t nothing good gonna happen to him or her for their actions!! You heard it here first.

  4. I have no prob with a man using what he’s gots for the come up, I just don’t like the fact that he left his wife who stood by him like that.

    1. ^let this be a lesson to us all.


      folks want to diss everyone for whom they think is “popular” or “hood”,
      but you should know everyone in every walk of life.
      straight or gay,
      male or female.
      jeremy took his ass out the hood and got into that modeling world.
      here we go.

      don’t feel sorry for his ex wife.
      she is allegedly dating a millionaire as well.
      these two are probably full blown hustlers.

  5. People are upset because he left his loyal wife for her. Not because he is being a freeloader.

    Either way, this won’t end pretty. He is clearly an opportunist and it will be good to see this dumb ass crow face woman get her karma. I know her parents are HARD pressed LOL.
    Just like the Royals when Megan Markle joined the family.

    Jeremy isn’t a catch. His leaked dick pic is nice but that’s about it

  6. This man has really done good for himself since his crime days, you have to give him credit. He still looks good too

  7. “but dick is also destructive.
    i’ve seen dick bring down vixens and males alike,
    as much i’ve seen pussy ruining a powerful wolf.”
    *DEAD* just cremate me. LMAO 🤣

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