Take A Trip Back To The Good Times (Late 90s/Early 2000)

i realized why some of the music as of late is so horrible.
it has no soul.
it’s pretty empty and has everyone trying to be drug addicts.
there is hardly a melody or a harmony.
it’s just sound.
i guess this is why bruno mars is on the top.
he is bringing that nostalgic feeling we’re missing.
even generation z is taking a trip back to a time when music was good.
i got caught up watching videos from my childhood today.
it started when i randomly bumped into this…

i started mouthing kim’s entire verse.
i knew it word for word:

Lil’ Kim, you don’t know what type of chick this is
Number one ballette of the mistresses
Mr. Biggs you know you got to keep me jigs
Even though it might mean stealing chips from kids (say what!)
You know I sail the coast too hot for mink coats
Get C-notes every time I deep throats
Ya losing it, acting like ya new to this
Get true to this, make it shift in my uterus
Sexing in the Aston Martin, when wifey comes home
Get the dough and I’m departing

I wanna see if you can make me scream I hate ya
Give me back shots so I can sweat out my cream of nature

when she popped out that cake,
as a cub,
i was hooked!!!!!
when i say i was OBSESSED with lil’ kim?
this is my other next favorite:


…by this time after i snuck and bought her album,
i was turned completely out.
she taught me not to be on the side without any money involved.
if ima be a hoe,
or on the dl,
it gotta see the cash money.
i use to bump foxy,
and her faithfully.

missy was another one i was obsessed with:

missy is my favorite female rapper.
i wanted every song/remix she was featured her.
i loved how she spit.
when i bought an album,
and i saw she wrote/produced a song,
i can say that i instantly liked it.
she also had the finest wolves in her videos too.
i watched some videos that made me remember certain things/times.
this is when i started getting into music real heavy:








…and my mother was all over this:

she loved her some boyz 2 men.
bet use to play these videos every day.
there was a block of hours they’d play videos straight through.
there are a lot more videos i loved,
but i had to bounce.
i use to sneak and stay up late to watch the slow jams.
remember this:

one thing i loved about all those videos is they celebrated everything black.
black vixens were always the standard of beauty.
i don’t know when the switch happened,
but i always saw the most beautiful black vixens in late 90s/early 2000 videos.
i don’t think music will ever get back to this point,
but i appreciate the memories and the feelings it gives me.

lowkey: remember how ever black movie had a bumpin soundtrack?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Take A Trip Back To The Good Times (Late 90s/Early 2000)”

  1. Baby i got chills and nearly shead a tear scrolling down that catalogue, then i quickly compared where we are now, and did infact weep….

    1. ^those songs use to play on every block,
      cook out,
      it was my youth and the music felt so good.
      most of the music is so wack.
      i wish they’d go back to making music that had some kind of feeling or emotion.

      1. Man…you took me BACK!! Music was so good then!
        Now, I can barely listen to what’s on the radio.
        I get that each generation has it’s own…but this one hurts my ears! Lol

  2. Listen….I love 90s music so much. The float on remix with lil Kim is one of my favs. I was just telling my friend a few days ago about how I only listen to 90s music

    1. ^“I wonder if she could tell I’m hard right now, hmmm…”

      “Baby when we’re grinding
      I get so excited
      Ooh, how I like it
      I try but I can’t fight it
      Oh, you’re dancing real close
      Cuz it’s real, real slow
      (You know what you’re doing, don’t you)
      You’re making it hard for me…”

      “You’re dancing like you’re naked
      Oh, it’s almost like we’re sexing…”

      “Step back you’re dancing kinda close
      I feel a little poke coming through
      On you

      Now girl I know you felt it
      But boo, you know I can’t help it
      You know what I wanna do…”

      “Cuz I’mma want you now and here
      The way that you shake it on me
      Makes me want you so bad sexually”

      i was young singing this and understood EVERY SINGLE WORD.
      my “explicit version/looking up lyrics” game was on another level.

      their cds are so nasty too.
      i don’t know if the foxhole ever listened to their music,
      but it gets you horny QUICK.

  3. Jamari you took me back I loved every video you posted. This is when music was music, and yes Jamari the black movies had the best soundtracks by black artist. I miss that time it’s brings me back to being a kid and having no worries in life.

  4. That was and still is my definite music era. Nothing compares to it. Today, you have to search and dig in order to find the music with substance.

  5. 80 percent of the time I’m bumping music from the 90s, It’s what my ears yearn for the most I love how back then why we had big stars everyone was given a platform to showcase their music I could bump Janet and switch to 702 with ease. Sigh I miss those times when we were right on the cuss of the internet, when I could play video games one minute and be equally as hype to go play outside the next.

    P.S.Love this I wouldn’t mind you doing a nostalgia post every one in awhile.

  6. Aw this takes me back to waiting by the mailbox for my Vibe magazine subscription every month and watching Video’s and remembering every young Black artist in the 90’s would at least go Gold when their music was released if not Platinum, not telling my age, but I was already grown in the 90’s but still very young LoL. Looking back I remember it was all about partying and having a good time, and you was so proud of all the young brothers and sisters who were flossing all this new found wealth from being in the industry. Clinton was in office and all your peeps had good jobs. I remember waiting for dial up on AOL and reading about all the Homo-Thugs in Harlem and NYC on underground websites before Blogs, where the site would be updated like once per month because I think in those days you really had to know a little something about computers to do a website LOL. Lets not forget ole Messy Ass Cita the virtual character from BET who use to pour all the industry Tea way before all these bloggers became famous for doing the same thing. I remember you would have to buy a pass on the internet to see anything Adult related to prove you was old enough to view it. My have times, trends, music and fashion changed. Jamari if you did not find ever single music vid from the 90’s to put on this post LMAO. Always so good to go back down memory lane.

    1. ^i use to beg my parents to get me the latest vibe magazines!!!
      i remember they had this picture of stevie j in there because he was part of “the hitmen”.
      he was shirtless and his pecs were so big.
      at the time,
      he was dating eve.
      now he is a ratchet mess.
      i remember the big scandal of destiny’s child breaking up.
      everyone hated beyoncé and then they did this big interview in vibe where they were the supremes on the cover LOL
      i was in love with entertainment at such a young age and still am.
      i can tell you anything about black hollywood during the late 90s and on.

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