He Had His Son Raped To Get The “Gay” Out Of Him (Sick)

everyone meet a demon.
this is a full fledged demon of a father.
they say 50% of the population are hyenas and jackals.
i’m bumping it up to 75%.
the following story is pretty sick.
some fathers don’t want their male cubs to be gay,
so ^that demon allegedly had his 11 year old autistic son be raped.
a vix-bi sent me this sick story via “al.com”

An Alabama man and his girlfriend were convicted this week for the rape of his 11-year-old autistic son.

The boy’s father, 29-year-old Sean Cole, got his girlfriend to rape, sodomize and abuse the child because he thought his son was gay, according to the prosecutor.

On Tuesday, a Madison County jury convicted Cole and his girlfriend, Khadeijah Moore, of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. Each faces up to life in prison. Sentencing is May 24 at 11 a.m.

The crimes happened during the week of Thanksgiving 2016 when the boy was in Huntsville to visit his father, said Tim Douthit, the Madison County assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case. The trial began Monday and wrapped up with the guilty verdicts Tuesday afternoon.

After Cole found his son in a “compromising position” with another boy, he directed Moore to perform sex acts on the child, prosecutors said. Moore, 20 years old at the time, raped, sodomized and inappropriately touched the child, according to trial testimony. The couple also forced the child to perform sex acts on Moore.

“It was solely that (Cole) was worried that his son was gay or might become gay,” Douthit said. “There was no evidence he had a sexual attraction to his son or children. He just though he could, for lack of better words, ‘straighten him out.'”

The boy lived in Georgia with his mother. When he returned home, he asked her questions about sexual behavior that made her suspicious. When the child told his mother what happened in Alabama, she immediately drove from Georgia to speak with Huntsville police investigators.

HPD Investigator Will McDonald charged Cole and Moore in January 2017. Cole has been in the Madison County Jail since his arrest. Pending sentencing, bail is set at $750,000 cash only. Cole’s attorney James Cathey declined to comment.

Moore is considered a fugitive because she didn’t show up for trial after being released on bail.
Despite her absence, Moore was represented by appointed lawyer Reta McKannan. Madison County Circuit Judge Allison Austin issued a warrant for Moore’s arrest at the beginning of the trial.

“My client did everything at Sean Cole’s direction. That doesn’t make it OK. That doesn’t make it right,” McKannan told AL.com. “As sorry as I am that my client is in this much trouble, I respect that jury for what they had to do.”

She said the facts of the case were difficult for the jurors to hear and consider.

“I have been prosecuting child sex crimes for a long time now, and this is the first time I’ve ran into anything like this,” Douthit said. “The most terrible part of this is the little boy still doesn’t understand it’s not his fault.”

Douthit said when a forensic interviewer asked the boy what was going through his mind during the rape, the child replied, “I was thinking why is my dad doing this to me. Dad said to tell no one. I failed him — I just told you.”

Considering everything he’s been through, the boy, who turned 13 on Tuesday, is doing well now Douthit said. “But, he still thinks he’s the bad guy. It’s heartbreaking.”

this is the jackal-ette who performed the acts:

she looks nutty.
this story made me tear up.
they have ruined an innocent life with the homophobia.
he was 11 and even if he is gay…

So what?

did he think pussy would de-gay him?
that still doesn’t continue to work for many of us.
now the cub thinks he’s wrong and i’m sure will need intense amounts of therapy.
i hope he finds healing and love from that horrible experience.
i also hope the father and the jackal-ette find no rest in eternal damnation.
may the devil make them both his bitches.

article cc: al.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “He Had His Son Raped To Get The “Gay” Out Of Him (Sick)”

  1. Proof that just because you have a dick you DON’T need to procreate. Some people really should not be parents. This is disturbing on so many levels.
    He’s so dumb that he doesn’t realize that the “compromising position” that he caught his AUTISTIC child in, is something out of the child’s control.
    If he understood autism he would know that their thought patterns/actions are so much different than those of a “normal” human being, and I hyphenate normal because they believe our thought patterns are “weird” (as my cousin put it).

  2. Lock both of them up in jail for life, mankind will be the better for it. Maybe they will suffer a similar fate behind bars.

  3. What will people do to mess a child up who has problems already. I hope his and the girlfriend do get life, because they are some sick individuals in my book!!!

  4. Honestly, those with autism and other developmental delays are so susceptible to being abused smh. He obviously had his son at a young age and definitely was not equipped to raise a son with autism with his stupid ass.

  5. Ok, wow… smdh, this whole story is one big ol’ I CAN’T!…I feel so bad for some of these kids out here with POS beings for parents/guardians… but this part:

    ‘On Tuesday, a Madison County jury convicted Cole and his girlfriend, Khadeijah Moore, of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a child younger than 12.’

    So, is it a whole diff statute for a 13 yo?…a less harsher penal code?… like wtf?… but this is the state of almost Roy Moore, so there’s that.

  6. I hope the boy is physically and mentally ok, Side topic: Have yall heard about this girl called “PrettyHoe” (you read right) some social media popular/famous attentonista thats heavy into prostitution and is supposedly jus got booked for recruiting, pimping and physically abusing minor girls!

  7. I shed a tear when I read that the boy said “I failed him”. For this child to live with the feelings of guilt,for thinking he was responsible for being raped.But to also live with feeling that he FAILED his dad,that he disappointed his dad,that’s heartbreaking.Because I know how boys that age generally look up to their dads.

    Well I usually don’t wish rape on anybody but if the father is raped in prison, oh well…

  8. They need life in jail. That poor child will need therapy. He needs to understand that it wasn’t his fault. This hurts my heart.

  9. Toxic Masculinity…and let some of them tell it…”Blacks aren’t all that homophobic as long as you don’t get outta line with them.”

    You being gay is already out of line with them. Oh well…should have kept the gay characters in Black Panther too…

    But you didn’t hear that from me.

  10. Honestly, I hope they both get life sentences. Now you corrupted a child possibly beyond repair. And he is autistic at that.


    1. Well, Mental Health and Homosexuality are taboo issues in black communities.
      Once something tragic happens, they want to sugarcoat it, or act like the REAL problem is non-existent…even in other communities.
      Until it is realized and accepted…stupid shyt like this will continue to happen

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