Tyrone Hankerson Jr: How To Live Like You Always Been Broke

tyrone hankerson jr is some of yall’s hero.
a couple months ago tho,
he was probably who everyone wanted to be.
poppin social media,
known in the forests,
and his lifestyle was a lituation.
as the others,
there is always a story behind it all.
im always confused by scamming hyenas.
they go out here on the illegals,
make a good living for themselves scamming,
but want to parade around outside looking like…

a dead ringer for:

as you probably heard by now,
tyrone allegedly stole money from howard university’s financial aid.
according to heavy.com:

Six people were fired from Howard University for misappropriating financial aid grant monies in September of 2017.

On Wednesday March 28, following the release of a now-deleted blog post outlining the theft, Howard University President Wayne A. I. Frederick released a statement confirming that as a result of an investigation he launched, it was discovered that from 2007 to 2016, $1 million in financial aid university grants “were given to some University employees who also received tuition remission. The audit revealed that the combination of University grants and tuition remission exceeded the total cost of attendance. As a result, some individuals received inappropriate refunds.”

In other words, half a dozen financial aid staff members took $1 million in grant monies they weren’t entitled to. Frederick stressed the money stolen was university-based grant and scholarship monies, not funds from the federal government, like Pell or federally-backed loan monies. Frederick had brought in two separate independent auditors to conduct the investigation and he’s reported all the findings to the US Dept. of Education. And added that while the six were fired, criminal prosecutions may come.

One of those employees was Tyrone Hankerson Jr. His social media appears to have been scrubbed but there are some images left you’ll soon see. Hankerson was living like a tycoon and flaunting his upscale monied-lifestyle on his Instagram and Snapchat, posts of his luxe life.

…and that’s the problem.
his reputation,
and possibly his freedom,
might be up shit’s creek after this alleged stunt.
i always wondered…

Why do scammers flaunt their criminal lifestyles?

i don’t get it.
i’d be so low that it wouldn’t even be funny.
fuck a social media.
i’m about planning my exit out the hood.
after that,
i’d plan on how i’ll start setting up my future.
i’ll buy shit i like,
but i’d give social media the impression i’m broke and dusty.
the ultimate scam.
new yawk is full of scammers who want the attention.
you can’t be a criminal and a attentionisto/nista.
it just don’t work.
fugitives who are on the run don’t go audition for a reality show.

these “never had nothing/new money” folks need to flex.
it’s like they can’t chill the fuck out.
folks love to expose anyone they deem “better” than them.
all that flexing,
with no job or trust fund background,
creates conversation.
group chats are slaughtering names and trading war stories.
this is how you end up allegedly like tyrone hankerson jr.
how did he not expect folks to start barking:

…looking like he just won the lottery.

lowkey: he reeks of new money.
you can tell when someone on social media never had nice things.
they are ALWAYS gaudy and over the top.
even the ones with legit careers can be tacky af.

article cc: heavy

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Tyrone Hankerson Jr: How To Live Like You Always Been Broke”

  1. They do it for the same reasons the Insta-Thots do it Jamari. Attention. Social media allows people to serve a portion of their lives…not the full meal.

    Once you eat the full reality thereof, you realize it’s all the same s*it that comes out.

  2. Gay me: According to @StyleByTariq on Twitter, he got some GOOD ass and his head game is decent. I wish I could’ve had some too.

    Pro-Black me: He should do federal time and since he was embezzling federal funds, if convicted, he will. Black people strugglin enough and now they have to worry about paying for schol when they own ppl is the one stealing. He bitch made for that.

      1. Yes! Go to his Twitter. Apparently Tyrone stole his wallet that’s why he is salty and airing out dirty laundry.

  3. The complete n utter triflingness (word? *shrugs*) and absolute tackiness of it all is abundantly naw nicca…This is really shameful HU.

  4. Never knew who he was, but karma knocked him right out. “What’s done in the dark always comes to light.” Jamari I swear we would be best friends, everything you wrote was so spot on, those were literally my words you wrote lol.

  5. People don’t understand that when they screw with financial aid it hurt the students that are really looking forward to getting an education. It’s sad that we as black people are doing crazy shit like that knowing well the youth are going to suffer in the long run!!!

  6. Typical stunt queen. Always about appearances and material shit.

    Wealthy people are not walking around like this at all. I could literally go to the Rich part of town and not see any white person dressed gaudy. Yeah they might buy name brand shit but certainly not the stuff with the label all over it smh.

    That’s what we like and gets our attention though 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. What’s crazy, this is not an uncommon story. Alot of people will probably be exposed for similar lifestyles. I’m here trying to pay down sallie mae and nelnet, taking extravegant trips to north and south….Houston.

    2. ^true rice/wealthy folks are so discreet that you never know they have money.
      these folks on ig be legit flexing like someone ain’t setting up a joanne type of robbery.
      throw the whole social media away.

      1. Rich people buy discreet clothes from high end labels that are timeless pieces.

        Not Gucci and LV with the symbols all over it.

        REAL money can spot what looks like a plain sports coat and tell what label it is without seeing the label or emblem.

  7. I will never understand why people feel the need to flex/show off. My dad used to always tell us, never let the next man know what you have because they will try to take it from you at some point.

    The fact that he was doing it with embezzled funds is even crazier. At some point you will get caught (flaunting is a good way of doing it) and you will have to give that money back…after serving time. and he will be serving time. Dumb ass should’ve saved some of it for his legal defense. Lol

  8. He is going to a real jail. I believe in the article it was stated that it was not federal loans or grants but money that Howard University used for scholarships and such, so no nice minimum-security white collared federal prison for him. This is sad, because as someone else stated where is he going to work? A theft charge is an automatic “no you can’t work for us” situation. The truth of the matter is since he is young and he is not going to find decent work; he is going to go right back to stealing from hook-ups and scamming to support his self-serving addiction.

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