Jeremy Meeks Secured The Bag After Shootin’ Up The Club

hood dick is a snow bunny’s hidden kryptonite.
all the snow bunnies life,
she was taught to date and marry.
i look at the snow bunnies at my job and they’re sharks.
they ain’t having no cubs until they see a ring and a stock portfolio.
it isn’t until they somehow creep with a hood wolf,
she gets hypnotized by the charm,
and he goes deep up in her vagina to a spot she didn’t know existed…

you know what happens next.
they even do it with the gays.
hood dick is universal and doesn’t miss any hole.
jeremy meeks is leading the pack in the wolf golddiggas.
kevin federline was bumped down.
jeremy is expecting a cub with topshop heiress,
chloe green.
this is the news via “us weekly”
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