You Won’t Be Able To Get Sex Off Craigslist Anymore

i remember i use to get jobs easy off craigslist.
this is before the hyenas and jackals started taking over.
now that site is not what it use to be.
due to the alleged net neutrality ruling,
this might be the start of the change everyone was dreading.
craigslist has removed their personals section.
this is what a foxholer sent me that they posted…


you’ll be surprised,
but some folks still used craigslist for a nut.
clearly they like to play russian roulette too.
that site had a lot of fetishes that some loved to explore.
i hear some celebs used it in the past to get escorts in other cities.
this is what everyone feared with net neutrality tho.
they are going to monitor and easily shut shit down.
it’s crazy how no one is talking or fonting about this.
i feel it’s gonna be too late when it gets to everyone’s attention.

lowkey: i wonder if this will effects social media pages too?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “You Won’t Be Able To Get Sex Off Craigslist Anymore”

  1. CL used to be more legit than any app or A4A.

    When I was in undergrad I hooked up with a Que, Professors, and very attractive successful men you never thought would be on there. This was before people started using it to rob people and spread STDs.

    There’s going to be a bunch of freaks in all the major cities lost without it. Lol

    1. ^i met most dudes on bgc and afa back in the day
      i used cl for jobs,
      but i heard stories of cl and the magic it brought.
      now it’s too suspect and you might end up getting killed

  2. I met my ex and a couple of very fun temporary situations through there. My ex was trash and did some foul shit so I mean I’m sure him and guys like him will be on something else maybe a4a is discreet enough.

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