I’m With The Shits

ya know,
i been saying to myself that i can’t be fucked up in these forests.
what if i meet a fine af wolf.
i mean,
the only way i can describe him is “damn boi…”.
hold on…
okay continuing…

so he invites me over his crib and wants to cook me dinner.
ya know,
cause i like shit like that.
after i eat,
next thing you know it happens.
“it” happens.
so ima have to cross something off the list…


this is the second time i’ve had something with salmon and got fucked up.
i had this bomb lunch from a spot i usually frequent.
i got:

macaroni and cheese
brown rice
some vegetables

it didn’t even take an hour until i was in the bathroom.
both holes on my bawdy were wide open.
i had to take an uber x home.
no pool.
couldn’t do the pool.

even though traffic was the same,
i wanted a whole car to myself.

i’m scared to go on dates or even eat out.
i don’t know what will have me fucked up out here.
last week,
i had a whole burrito from chipotle and i was good.
i’ve had greasy foods and things were great.
i eat salmon and i’m laid out in a toyota corolla???????

…a nice ass toyota corolla,
might i add.
i haven’t thrown up in a minute since i started using apps to watch what i eat.
i been doing real good,
but i guess i broke that spell.
i love salmon too!

Maybe i shouldn’t be eating everyone’s fish?

there is a joke there somewhere.

lowkey: i’ve accepted that i have a sensitive stomach,
although it’s also very bipolar too…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I’m With The Shits”

    1. It’s that…or the place isn’t cleaning their serving areas properly.

      It’s funny because I noticed lately that whenever I eat chicken, it goes right through me.
      Never had that problem before. so now when I have lunch I don’t order anything with chicken. Don’t wanna be rushing back to take a dump!

      My co-worker who is Muslim, suggested trying Halal chicken, which is SUPPOSED to be more sanitized than regular chicken. I might give it a try to see if that makes me go running to the men’s room as well. Lol

      1. ^dirt truck food?!?!
        i dunno c LOL
        i say take that home and try it.

        but yeah,
        maybe it’s something they’re cooking the food in?
        like the oil is sensitive to us?
        or the food quality has changed?
        it’s very weird because im usually good with salmon.

      1. No. I meant he suggested a halal restaurant. I don’t mess with them street carts any longer! Years ago I got an Italian sausage from a cart near MSG…that shyt got me sick as a dog. Afterwards, I never had anything from a cart/street vendor since. You only get me once! Lol

  1. Dead ass alot of salmon from China has been infected with hook worms …ive crossed salmon off my food list for awhile

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