Jamari Fox Shoots People

i would love to have this:

… but not in the way you think.

pictures can speak a thousand words.
images that convey a language that only eyes speak.
this is why tumblr exists.
less talking; more pictures.
what if the newest thing in meeting a wolf/fox/or hybrid is by snapping his picture?
you get to see him close to naked and take a picture of him in his best light.
i don’t know how i could handle it without exploding.
am i in the wrong field?
shit, i started to wonder…

Is being a photographer the oldest trick in meeting the newest Wolves?

i have been talking with a photographer who has been trying to bed me for the longest.
he isn’t the most attractive thing in the world,
but he has a good eye when it comes to capturing the male essence.
the WHOLE male essence.
he has been trying to get me in front (and behind) his lens for a while now.
he was telling me how a lot of his models have given him some of everything after he exposes them.
his portfolio is heaven.
he even shot some of the wolves i have featured in various MEAT sections.
many of them are straight he says,
but a ton are “gay for free work“, bi, and simply just gay.
he also told me about has so many photographer who shoot male and females and have slept with clients.

as messy as it sounds,
i had to wonder how does this even happen.

“hi. i’m naked on a pillar. let’s fuck?”
“i can’t pay the bill…
so i’ll pay you in dick/pussy samples?”

i know a couple other photographers who are gay and using their services to get serviced.
i started to wonder if i should pick up a camera and start making some developments?
some of the finest wolves that i am attracted to are all vain and need their picture taken.
i would love to take pictures of my LOVER——–>
in those black skivvies…
full frontal….
hmmm i can see it now…

welcome to foxy photography.
i cater to the male and female body.
please feel free to get as naked as possible.

you cum; i shoot!
contact today!

but, as much fun as that sounds…
i’m not interested in taking pictures as a career.
i’m just here for the niggas and the flicks.
niggas and the flicks.
i started to wonder…

Is the easiest way to meet a sexy wolf just by catering to his vanity?

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11 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Shoots People”

  1. I’ve heard that too with photographers sleeping with thirty clients. It makes sense since you get them at their most vulnerable and you have to build a connection. I can understand the appal of doing it professionally. There will always be a market.

    Side note: Harold (first pic) whether he’s scruffy or clean shaven is ridiculously fine.

      1. Sure! I’ve done it before too actually lol We can make small talk about what his work out regiment and insecurities on camera. If I accidently brush his penis with my hand I can remind him that he shouldn’t worry since I’m a professional and see where he goes with it.

  2. <<<< This guy HATES taking pictures of any kind!

    Even when I had a gf she's have to literally trap me into a picture or catch me off guard.

    Most of these dudes mistake their addiction to attention for desiring a modeling career. I can see how a photographer could use his talent as leverage to get these dudes to do whatever, especially if they can't really afford him.

    In any event, if you claim you want to be a model, but you can't even pronounce Givenchy correctly I'm giving you the side-eye.

    Instagram is gassing everyone these days.

  3. It is the easiest way to meet guys. Many men do this and I find it very interesting. I don’t approve of how some men use their occupation to their advantage. It’s ok to use it to meet guys, but to make men sleep with you to pay a bill is too much. Like seriously you can’t get men any other way? Personally, it would hurt my pride if I did that. I want a dude to sleep with me because he’s feeling my vibe, not because that’s his way of paying me back. If he’s a friend of mine then cool because I’ve probably have hit it once anyway. I want the money, if you want to give up ass too we have to handle that on the flip.

  4. I’m sure being a photographer, agent, massage therapist or the like is a good way to meet dudes & get next to them. I wouldn’t want to trade my occupation for sex though – it’d cheapen my business & people wouldn’t take me seriously, And if you propositioned the wrong person, that’s your license. Flirting is cool, but if we’re gonna date it’d have to be off-hours. Granted it wouldn’t be easy…lol

    Where’s sc8709? Let’s ask him how he handles it 🙂

  5. Sounds creepy, desperate, and predatory. Your barber, dentist, or doctor should not be trying to smash as their only motivation for dealing with you. Kinda creepy. Professionals with close contact should be just that, professional. What’s next breaking into dudes’ houses like that dick hungry DJ?

    1. I smash my barber on the reg but I still pay for cuts, the extra service came with because of how I found out that hes a bi hybrid fox.

    2. My barber tried to pull that you smoke weed bruh move on me, trying to act like he was cracking and joke and said “you think u pretty huh, u dont get the girls” uhhh i just laughed it off, the boy even cut my hair for free 3 times and kept trying that number move, after a while he just stopped talking well i stopped going to that shop

  6. I’ve done business with a lotta sexy wolves and hybrids as a photographer but I always keep it professional because bois talk and I don’t wanna be known as ‘the photographer that fucks his clients’. Aint a good look

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