Jamari Fox Shoots People

i would love to have this:

… but not in the way you think.

pictures can speak a thousand words.
images that convey a language that only eyes speak.
this is why tumblr exists.
less talking; more pictures.
what if the newest thing in meeting a wolf/fox/or hybrid is by snapping his picture?
you get to see him close to naked and take a picture of him in his best light.
i don’t know how i could handle it without exploding.
am i in the wrong field?
shit, i started to wonder…

Is being a photographer the oldest trick in meeting the newest Wolves?

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When We Role Play… (11)

meet him:

You met him and he was everything you have been looking for.
So much so, you said FUCK IT and jumped into the sack with him.
Afterwards, he never judged you or thought it was too soon.
Like I said, he is perfect.

Well, one night a week later, you were on Xtube looking for some good jack off material.
You come across a flick that got damn near 50 comments and 5 star rating.

You decide to see what the fuss is all about.
You open it and it is a hidden camera sex tape that looks awfully familiar with a room that also looks awfully familiar.

It should because YOU and HIM are the stars…

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