it’s time to vote! it’s time to pray! (for trump? 2020?)

if i had to suffer,
everyone else will suffer too.
so my friends are mad at me for a text i sent them.
this is what its like to be friends on text messages with jamari fox.
so i was on my twitter timeline today,
minding my business,
and i saw everyone dragging the following.
it was a group of dorks who might parlay as a taylor swift cover band.
they wanted to welcome trump for his tone deaf rally in tulsa, oklahoma…

not for nothing,
it’s not a bad song as far as melody.
they fucked it up with the message.
i can see them singing that song as the country is coming to an end.
how in the titanic they made the band play as the ship was sinking.


i hate how catchy it is too.
my friends are angry because they were singing it.
i asked one of the foxholers what they thought:

i choked on my turkey burger when i read that.
i had to rework the verse since it got stuck in my head.

“…freedom won’t come back if you give it away.
it’s time to vote.
it’s time to pray.
fuck trump!
fuck trump!

 much better.

lowkey: can we font about only 6 people were outside for their little song?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “it’s time to vote! it’s time to pray! (for trump? 2020?)”

  1. Darn it, Jamari! Now that’s gonna be stuck in my head. Glad you reworked it tho. I know some ppl gonna see “Trump” and “wights” and just say nope, but it was catchy enough.

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